Friday, 24 August 2012

Dans Days Saturday.

This chapter is about a BBQ. They put on a BBQ for Chops and they did a dance. Dans big Sister came up with a good idea. The idea was to plan a storyboard for Chops so they would remember him. Dan wrote Chops name in Graffiti on the notice board. At the BBQ party they all did a dingo dance for Chops. The kids and Adults were dancing. Dan was embarrassed  

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dans Days Chapter 5

 This Chapter is about Chops and how he died. They were telling stories about Chops so they would make dan feel better. Sean is a mean bully but then he wrote a note and gave it to him. The note said “ Sorry to hear about your dog”. Their Granny baked Dan and her sister some Pikelets and she gave them a kiss before they went to school. She did that so she could make them feel better and be happy.  

Guess What? Cross Country...

We were lining up in front of Room 18 and then some of the teachers took us to the reserve. The race began at the reserve. Kids went past muddy puddles and people nearly slipped into the creek, It was Scary because we went past video cameras which they were videoing us running.

While starting to run Mr Burt banged to wood together and that was the signalling that was telling us to run. We ran past teachers and they were saying “Come on you can do it”. When people went past the teachers I think that kids ran like the wind when they went past  them and then they walked again.

Teachers were standing where the mark was. The mark means where we have to stop and where we have to go and then we go to the next and the next mark. My Teacher named Miss Ouano was standing by the creek and she was telling us where to go too. She was very lonely all by herself.

People were running and some people saw muddy icky sticky puddles. Kids had to run or walk around them so they would not slip. When some kids went past the muddy icky sticky puddle they saw a shoe in it. Kids shoes came off when they were running because the mud was too wet and slimey. “YUCK”,people Said.

I hope the next cross country we can go through muddy puddles and run to the marks again.To be honest to me I think that cross country was a little bit funny.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Celebrating my brothers 3rd birthday.....

Saturday last week was my brothers birthday. We celebrated it at my mums house and all my family from my mums side came to celebrate it. My mum, my brother and I, went shopping at Pak N Save for our family dinner. After that, we picked up his Micky Mouse cake from The Cheesecake Shop. It looked awesome and the flavour of it was Strawberry Torte.

We decorated the side of his cake with homemade play dough. We made a road with cars, buses and trucks on it. We made buildings, trees, plants and stop lights. We had great fun making it and my brother really liked it when we were finished. We also decorated our dining room with a birthday banner, balloons and crepe paper. We put all of  his birthday food on  a separate table and he really liked that as well.

Our dinner was delicious and so was his birthday cake. Afterwards, he opened his presents from everyone and enjoyed playing with all of his new toys.

I think that my brother enjoyed his birthday dinner. On Sunday, we took my brother to Chipmunks with our cousin and we had alot of fun on the big slide and the playground. Then we went to Wendys for lunch before coming home to relax. We had a great weekend with our family.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Where is the Gold Medal???

Nick Willis said "Valerie Adams deserves that gold medal”,but no one for Belarus agrees with him. At the Beijing olympics, Nick Willis got a Bronze but it turned into a sliver because they had taken a drug test and Rashid Ramzi the gold winner didn’t pass it.

Valerie and her supporters said, ”Valerie Adams deserves that gold medal and she worked hard for it". The People from belarus still said that, "She is a winner in their eyes”.

Len Brown says that she should have a proper Ceremony and that it is maybe going to be held in Eden Park, South Auckland and even at the Cloud in the City.

Did you know that the gold medal from the shot put event is now somewhere in Belarus? and also Nadzeya took and people don’t know where she is?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Interesting News For Valerie Adams...

Valerie Adams was shocked when she heard the big news about Nadzeya Ostapchuk and how she cheated by using steroids to win and to make her stronger and throw further. She said that the whole thing was not true, But the drug test showed that she had taken some.

My opinion is that this Belarus lady had been cheating and that was not being honest about what she did.

What do I think about this? Well I am shocked that the Belarus woman had cheated, but I am happy that Valerie Adams medal was silver but turned into gold. I believe that Valerie Adams put her heart out to win and that she did her very good best.

Valerie Adams is now a Olympic Shot Put Champion, Yeahhhhhh!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Beauty and the Beast...

Once Upon a time there lived a family in a far-off country. One day the dad went off out somewhere and was asked to get a red rose for one of his daughters, so he went off on his horse. There was a Big thunderstorm and he had to find shelter but then he saw a castle, he called out hello but no one answered his hello call and so he just entered the castle.

He had a nap on a big chair by a burning fire. When he woke up his stomach was grumbling and he saw a plate of food on a table. He walked out of the castle and saw a bush with roses in it. He picked one of the bush then the beast came and said “You have to give me one of your daughters and should never return to my castle”, Because he didn't like it when he stoll a rose.

So the father went back to the far-off country and went to get one of the daughters. Beauty said “Since I was the one that asked for it I should be the one to suffer for it”. Beauty and her father went back to the castle and went to see the beast. The door was open and they entered. They saw cookies and milk on a table and sat down and ate. Then they heard bigfoot steps and that was the beast.

Beauty and the beast had dinner together and the beast said “Beauty do you love me? and then beauty replied “ No your a beast’. They both went to bed and then Beast said “Beauty do you love me? again. She fell asleep and dreamed about a cute prince who loved her. The next morning the the beast said to beauty “ You can go back to your far-off country but you have to promise me that you have to come back and please take this ring”.

She went back to the far-off country and saw her family, Then she had a big smile on her face. She stayed there for a little whilte and she decided to go back to the castle, she called out to the beast and he didn’t answer. So she went up stairs and saw the beast lying on the ground and he was like in a deep sleep and then Beauty saw him and he told her a story about this girl with green hair and the beast was going out with him and then she turned me into a beast because she didn't like me and then she left him for a handsome man.  



Thursday, 9 August 2012

P.E.P.A Junior Dance Tutoring...

Lunch time today me and some other girls in my classroom tutored some junior girls and boys from years 3 to 4. We were excited to tutor little girls and boys but it was pretty hard. We had to teach them a   dance and the song we danced to was Yeah 3x By Chris Brown.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

History of the Olympic Flame

In the ancient Greek times the flame for the Olympic games burned throughout the olympics. While the Olympic games were played they would be lit but when the Olympic games were over they would put it out.

Thousands of years ago the flame was taken over by girls because the boys were out at war.I did not know that.

Anyone around the globe would run or walk around the world and give the torch full of flame to a person for any country around the world. For example some countries, Italy, France, Spain and this time London, England.

Normally the flame is carried by celebrities and other people all around the world and they  will be taken where the Olympic games will be held. Sometimes they would take it to countries by taking a Airplane and going on a boat.

The torch burns throughout the the games and would be extinguished when it is the  closing ceremony which is the August 12th.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Getting to Watch Step Up 4 Miami Heat :-)

Today after school, my family and I went to check out the new movie named Step Up 4 Miami Heat. It is about a group of dancers called "The Mob". They come out and do amazing dance shows in places like a gallery, in the middle of the street, at a restaurant and on escalators. I thought their dancing was pretty awesome.

The main characters were Shaun and Emily. Shaun is a waiter, at a Hotel that Emily's father owns. Shaun is the main leader of The Mob dance crew. Emily is a ballet and hip hop dancer, who becomes friends with him.

 Emily's father wants to buy all the land where Shaun and his family and friends live, to build another hotel. Emily tries to help Shaun by talking to her father, to stop him from destroying their neighborhood.

My favourite part of the whole movie, was the final performance where the dancers were on top of freight containers, jumping on trampolines, hanging from big rubber bands and lots of people were dancing. They used metal rods, so that when they scraped them across the ground, it made lots of sparks and that was awesome.

In the end, Emily's father decided not to destroy the neighborhood and wanted to help Shaun and his friends instead. The Mob also got offered to join a major marketing company, that worked with Emily's father, to promote their dancing in their ads.

I hope when the next Step Up movie comes out, me and my family can go watch it at the Event Cinemas and see if there are going to be anymore Mob dance crews.

Friday, 3 August 2012

My Goals and Dreams

When I grow up I want to be a professional netball player! I want to be a Professional Netball Player because I love shooting, defending and having a exciting time.My Goal is to reach the high mark and practice Shooting and Defending.

Well the person that inspires me is Irene Van Dyke. Irene Van Dyke is a netball player and she is a Great Shooter and sometimes a great defender.

The journey or path I need is to practice shooting and defending, And practice for one to five hours just like Maria Tutaia.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Favourite Dance Crew

My Favourite Dance crew is 8 Flavahz. 8 Flavahz is a Dance crew that is Dancing off on ABDC and that stands for Americas Best Dance Crew. Americas Best Dance Crew is a Program on TV 2 and is showing Every Saturday at 10:00. 

Olympic Games

In 2012 the  London Olympics are going to be hosted in London England in Great Britain. Did you Know July 27th 2012 is when the Ceremony Concert  Opened in  London England to Introduce the starting of the Olympics.

My Water Polo Animation... :-)

This is a Movie about my Olympic Event Water Polo. We have been learning about Athletes and what  sports they do in the Olympics. I Hope you Enjoy My Water Polo Animation :-)