Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Immersion Assembly.

Today is the first day of term 3 at my school and our team 4 topic is Actoring and Starring in plays but of theme for school is Life's a Stage. As normal we have teachers from Team 1,2,3,4 and 5 to perform and show us or tell us what there theme is for this term. Team 1 were performing first there theme is Fairytale's and dressing up. The had a Evil Witch, The Princess and the frog, Nemo and their's more going on.

Next Performing was Team 2 and there theme is Dances from the Decade. ms She, Miss Rapold and Mrs Glaze were on the stage dancing and they were so funny. Then it was Team 3 performing next and  there theme was Princess's. Mrs Barks, Miss Walters, Mrs Nalder, Miss Erasmus and Miss Tuala. They were performing a show Named A man for Yourself.

 Then it was my Team to performing which was Team 4 and they did a play named Three little Pigs. They had Three pigs of course and a big bad wolf that was Mr Marks. It was a funny play I couldn't stop watching it. Last of all it was team 5 to show what there theme is and it was relating to Music so that is what I thin
k there theme is. The made a movie and it was a If I was a boy. And Mr Barks sang if I were a girl and that was so so so funny.

My favourite act was Team 3 because it was really funny and my teacher was pretend to be a girl and that was the funniest thing ever.  

Friday, 12 July 2013

Crusaders and Hurricanes. Rugby

Yes, Tonight rugby is on and the Crusaders are hosting the Hurricanes. I really hope that the Crusaders win because I know that the Wellington Hurricanes are going to lose because they have lost two games in a row. Anyway go the Crusaders and I hope you all the best.

Highlight of Reading.

My highlight in reading is making funny and cool to create DLOs (Digital Learning Object). We have to make DLOs about the book we are reading our we can just make a movie about of topic for this term which is Antarctica. Once I made a DLO with my friends Keis and Christian and then I made one with my other friends Marama, Shirquera and Ramonadel.

Click here to my Maori DLO

Click here for my DLO I made with Keis and Christian.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Xtra math Results.

Everyday after morning tea I do Xtra math (A learning tool for school). Everyday I always think I am going to do bad because I am on subtraction. I'm not good a that. But today I think I did well because I got 31 smiley faces on race the teacher in fact quiz but in the real one I got 10 smiley faces.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Paper Scissors Rock

Today I was playing Paper Scissor's Rock. As you can see the graph above is our results. Right now Puawai had a more chance of winning and I had a more chance of losing. Lesieli (my friend) was the point taker. And if you are wondering who's black and who's purple well I was purple and Puawai was black. Puawai won about 56.2% and I won about just 46.2%.

Antartica and Arctic VENN Diagram.

This is my VENN Diagram of the difference of Antartica and the Arctic. I hope you Enjoy!!! :) 

Watching Despicable Me 2.

Just because I got a good report I had to get a reward and guess what it was, it was going to the movies and watching Despicable Me 2. Wee Ho I was so excited to watch it and it was a really good reward to. My family and I were going to watch the 3:00 pm Session but then mum dad looked again and it was really at 4:00 pm so we turned around from where we were driving and went back the home way.

First we were going to go to Pak n Save to get some food for tomorrow which is a Shared lunch for my netball team and also food for my Shared lunch on Friday too. It was going to be a good bye for one of my friends Shirqerua. And then we got some drinks for the movies so we don't have to get some at the movies. When we arrived at the movies it was full of people so we had to cue up fast.

We got some Ice Creams for me, my brother, my dad and my mum and we also got a Medium popcorn for all of us.  We waited till the movie started but it was ready before the time we had to go in to the theatre. We started to eat our ice creams before the movie started and I was dipping my ice cream into the popcorn, it tasted really nice.

When the movie started I started to drink my drink and i just ate some popcorn too. The movie began and it started of funny. In the end I liked the movie and I was so funny.

Mark, Minion
Fill, Minion
Del Potro.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Parent Interview

Today was meet the teacher day at my school and I was wishing if I got a good report. When I arrived at school I saw my two friends Ana and Shirquera. And then when I walked into school grounds I saw my other friends Christian and Nikki. Finally we were at my classroom and I saw all the room 17.18 and my class teacher of course. The teacher in room 17 is Ms Garden and the teacher in room 18 is Mr Marks.

When I saw my teacher no one was with him and so my parents were just there, so that was good. While my teacher and parents were talking I hopped on a multimedia and went on Math Whizz (School learning tool). And then I just went by my teacher and parents when i was finished on the computer.

I saw that Mr S was showing my mum and dad my Xtra Math results and my Math Whizz Results. i was so lucky that didn't take so long because i felt so a same. Next he showed my parents my report and that was the nervous part of all. I saw that i was doing really well in Writing and Reading but in Maths I wasn't doing well.

Next Mr S told my parents that I was doing jobs for him and they were Setting up the PENN and marking off the roll after lunch. So I was really relieved about that.

Thanks for Reading and please leave me some nice Feedback.

Free Blog Writing: My Best Friends.

I have three best friends, they are Lesieli, Josephine and Quasia. I like to hang out with Lesieli and Josephine and Quasia at lunch times and play Touch on the Courts. All of us play sports and they are the same thing and it is Netball. My two best friends Lesieli and Quasia play Rugby but me and Josephine don't. Sometimes we fight and we don't make up but then we do in the end and sometimes we are all nice to each other and like to hang out with each other again.

Te Reo Maori Competition

This is my movie I have created with my friends Marama, Ramonadel and Shirquera. We made this movie for a maori Te Reo Competition. We had so much fun making this movie so please leave us some feedback. :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Sate of Origin: Queensland and New South Wales.

Wee Hoo, State of Origin has began and I vote for Queensland all the way and so does my dad and also my teacher Mr S (Short for Mr Somerivlle. They have already played two games and New South Wales won the first game and Queensland won the second game so the last game is a tie breaker. I think the third game is in the mouth of July which is now so i am glad to watch it.

Free Blog Writing: Shared Lunch Coming Up.

This week at school is really exciting for me. On Wednesday my netball team is going to be having a shared lunch. We are having it for a little get together and get to know each other. While we are having our shared lunch we are going to be getting rewards.

My Coach and manager are my mum and dad. My Mum is the manager and my dad is the coach. Every training's we do is always the same thing but sometimes my dad teacher's us something's new. We have trainings on Monday after school and Thursday lunch time.

At our shared lunch we could bring anything we want to bring. It is going to be held at the Whare Fono and it is going to be at lunch time. My parents gave out a new letter to all the netball girls about: When our lunch was going to be, and what time it is and, Where it was going to be held.

Water Hockey.

Yesterday I went to the pools in G.I and I saw some people getting ready to do some Water Hockey. I went to my dad and I asked him, "Are they training or playing a game." He replied, "No they are just training". "Oh," I replied back to him. When I saw them train I saw they had bats that looked like Maori fish hooks. I didn't know that they had a hockey under the water because I didn't look under the water and I had no goggles on.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

It is Sunday!!! WEE HOO

Yes, today is Sunday and Home and Away Omnibus and Shortland Street Omnibus too. Also before Shortland Street is What Now and I like to watch that too. I like to watch Shortland Street and Home and Away because drama happens in some of the episodes. Like on Shortland Street now Josh is working for this guy named Neil and also on Home and Away Sasha and Spencer are going out and Maddie doesn't know so it is a secret. And also netball is on too. The Vixens and Firebirds are playing and I hope that the Firebirds win and that is the only game that is on today.

So that is all I like to watch on Sundays.

Rugby: Crazy!!!

 Friday night and Saturday night I have been watching rugby with my dad and it has been crazy madness. While we have been watching the rugby I have been on the laptop and my brother was on my Ipod. We watched the the Hurricanes and Highlanders first and after that we watched the Australia host British and Irish. Yesterday we watcher the Chiefs and Crusaders played in Christchurch. Now it is 12:01 am and now I am going to watching Tennis on channel TV One.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Mufti Disco

Today my school had a school mufti day and we had a disco on to. We had a disco to do a fundraiser for the year 6 camp that is at the end of the year. The disco was at lunch time and they were also selling chips,drinks and ice blocks juice's. At the disco the years 4,5 and 6 could go but not the year 7's and 8's. In the hall was the disco and everybody was going crazy. People were playing with the balloons and people were running around. The Prefects at my school were creating the disco for the kids so I would like to make a big THANKS!!! them.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Free Blog Writing: Netball: Magic and Mystics

 If you all Magic vs Mystics and magic trashed them. They won by 28 points and the score was 69-40. 2013 they have been vs Fire Birds and Mystics (Thats all I know). I have seen both of these games and I have voted for magic all the way. 
Go the MAGIC!!!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Trip to Kelly Tarlton's

Today, was a wonderful opportunity that I got to investigate what is happening and Kelly Tarltons. We had to come to school before 8:30 am or we were going to be left behind. The bus was leaving a 9:00 a m but before that all of the team 4 classes met in the hall for a little meeting before we were leaving.

On the way to Kelly Tarlton's I was sitting with my best friends Lesieli, Josephine and Quasia. Lesieli was talking the whole way and Quasia and Josephine were justing sitting there and were talking to each other. I was just talking with my Teacher and making him laugh, the same with Lesieli.

Finally, we arrived at Kelly Tarlton’s everyone was so excited to see the Penguins and meet the wonderful fish and people. First we went the School Room and Janice was telling us all about The King penguin, Adelie Penguin, Emperor Penguin and Gentoo Penguin. She told us all about the hut’s and base’s. Then she got two people to come up to the front and try on some of these clothes they us to survive in Antartica.

When we finished in the School Room we went to Akho bay for Morning Tea. We went to eat and also to play on the playground. People were queuing up to go on to the Fire Fox. When I saw my teacher (Mr Somerville) go down the fox he was going crazy and cheering for Queensland.

It was fun while it lasted but sadly we had to leave and go back to Kelly Tarlton's to do our next investigating another part of the Sea life. We went to the Aquarium and we went to go see the penguins and the huts and base's. There was this thing to see how long you can keep your hand in freezing water. And trust me if you went to Kelly Tarlton's and saw what I did then you would know what I mean.

Thanks to Josephine and Lesieli for Editing my Work.