Monday, 30 December 2013

Call Of Duty Ghosts.

Here is a link to photos. 
Today I played Call Of Duty Ghosts with my two cousins, Kauri and Tj. First it was me and Kauri and then the winner was going to verse Tj. Of course I died but then I started getting good, But in the end Kauri won.

My Brothers New Bike

Yesterday my brother got a new bike from Bike Barn. He got it because that is what he really wanted for Christmas but my dad brought him other stuff like a truck fill with mini cars, shoes, clothes and etc. He loves his bike and he rides it everyday.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Swimming For 6 Hours.

Today I had a swim with my cousin Brooke for 6 hours. All we did was swim and eat. First me and Brooke came up with a cheer called " Drop it likes it hot RAVE pop it lock put it in your socket drop like its hot, Holly". And then we had something to eat. We had a sausage sizzle with a drink of fanta and pasta salad.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Playing Minecraft.

"Let's play minecraft" my cousin said" "sure" I said. So me and my cousin went on and played minecraft. First I was trying to find the world our own house was in. When I went into the world my cousin did some new stuff to it, like change the house around and he decided to put a spa pool in the house too.



Happy Boxing Day Everyone!! 

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and a lot of people go to the Boxing Day sales. 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Water Fighting.

Today I had a water fight with my cousins. First I went for a swim and then got out of my togs. But then I got in my normal colthes. My cousin Austin and Corey were teaming up so I teamed up with my other cousins. We were having a one on one with our teams. We were going for my favourite cousin Brooke because she was being smart. So what we did was pick her up and throw her in the pool but she teamed up with Austin and Corey so if course they came tried to push us in the pool, so that was hard.

Schuto chewing her present.

Today my auntys dog, Schuto chewed her present open. She took it into her dog kennel and ripped it open.  

Getting heaps of presents.

Today as you all know it is Christmas Day and I got heaps of presents. I got converses from my aunty and from my dad, I got a Minecraft book, bathing bag and favourites chocolate. I liked how I got two pairs of shoes and I was so happy.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Family Christmas Eve Dinner.

I had a Christmas Eve dinner with my mums side of the family. We had it because my aunty and uncle were going up North and just because it is Christmas Eve. We had something to eat and had some pudding. First we had to say the prayer. Then it was time to eat. YAY. We had some pork, chicken, potato salad, salad, quiche, and garlic bread.

After dinner it was time to have pudding. My aunty was making a cheese cake, cream puffs, and some brandy snaps. First my aunty gave me a piece of cheese cake and it was devine. But to be honest the base was a little crumbly. After that I had a cream puff and the one I had was full of cream. It was dripping down my fingers.

In the end we all had a fun time and it was good to hang out with the family. I wish you have a good Christmas and have a good New Year spending it with your family.

Monday, 23 December 2013

New Samsug Galaxy S4.

Today my dad brought a Samsug Galaxy S4. He brought it because I wanted and he needed a new phone anyway. He got a white one and I am going to ask him if I can put the Sonic game on it. It is so cool and better then a Iphone.

Christmas Shopping.

On Saturday I went Christmas shopping with my aunty. She was going to FCO. It is like a fishing and swimming store. We went there to get my uncle a present. We tried to find something but we didn't. While we were there my aunty sore a tent that could fit her and her two dogs. She was figuring out if she could get it or not. So we had to do rock, paper, scissors to see if she would get it or not. She won so she got it. And we also got a present for my mum. I can't tell you what I got her because she will read my blog and she would know what I got her.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Hi Everyone, I hope you have a really great Christmas celebrating it with your family. I hope you get heaps of presents and have heaps to eat. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Franklin Road Christmas Lights.

On Saturday night I went to see Franklin Road and see their christmas lights. It was the coolest lights I have ever seen. I went with my cousin Kauri, my Aunty Bunge, and my baby brother Suade. He didn't get to see them because he was asleep.

Going to Rainbows End.

Yesterday I went to Rainbows End for my friends mums Christmas Do. My friend, Lesieli  invited me and her other friend named Sela. The first ride we went on was the Fearfall. It was so scary. The next ride we went on was the Family Karts. Lesieli was driving and Sela was with her. Lesieli's mum was driving and I was with her.

The second ride we went on was the Bumber Boats. It was so much fun. I was bumping into Lesieli and her mum. There was this other boy that was in the red bumber boat and he bumbed me so hard water went into my boat. After the bumber boats we had some icecream. I got goody goody gum drops, Lesieli got cookies and cream and Sela got the same thing as me. After we had icecream it was time to have something to eat. We had burgers and chips.

After that the ride we went on was the Invader. That was the coolest ride I have been on. It was so fun. After the invader we went on the Rollercoaster. That ride really hurt my ears.

At the end of the day it was so fun and we all had a good time.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Free Blog Writing - Trip to Orere Point

On the weekend I went to Orere Point. I went there for a family trip with my Aunty Stacee, John, Aunty Bunge, Mum, Dad and my little brother Suade and two dogs named Schuto and Sheikh. We stayed in cabin number 3 and my aunty was sleeping in a tent in the tent area that was behind us. There is a river and the playground in front of our cabin. And there is a trampoline.

On the first day we arrived we had to unpack the car and take our things inside of the cabin. There is a room with two bunk beds, a double bed and single bed. There is a kitchen and a dining table.   
For dinner we had BBQ and pavlova for pudding. Earlier we had a swim in the river. It was cold at first but then it got warm. 

The next day it was time to go home. For breakfast we had bacon, hash browns, toast, and left over BBQ. After breakfast I went on the trampoline for about 5 mins and then it was time for our last swim :-(. After our swim it was time to leave. 

On our way home we got a Strawberry Ice Cream. It was so YUMMY :-).   

Thursday, 12 December 2013

2013 Reflection.

Hi my name is Rave, and this is 2013 Reflection. In terms 3 and 4 I have done a lot. I have been to interzone Athletics Championship and I have 2 certificates in each term. My highlight of being a year 6 is being in the School Production. I was a gafa (Tech).  

I like the way my class share a big space. I think I like how we spilt for literacy groups and Math Groups.

My favourite highlight this term  would be going to Kawau Island for the Year 6 Camp. I thought it was really fun and it was good to be away from my dad and little brother for once.

Thanks! For Reading.  

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Farming Animation .

Please Check Out Vimeo for More movies.

This is my Farming Animation. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Family Trip to Rainbows End - Free Blog Writing.

 Last weekend I went to Rainbows end and I went for a family catch up. It was for my uncle and two of my cousin. When we got there they updated the little kids area and the changed the name to Kids Kingdom and the stage  has changed too.

The first ride I went on was the iwader. I went on with my cousin Brooke. She was scared because she thought her hat was going to fall off. My favourite was spinning around and going up and down. The next ride I went on was the roller coaster. It was a long que and me and my cousin had to wait. The part I didn't like was the sides of the roller coaster chairs were banging into my head. 

After two rides I went to have something to eat. I had a ham and cheese sandwich and I had cheese pizza and Beef and Cheese Pizza. And I also had some sparkling duet to drink. When I finished eating I went to ride the go karts with my cousin Corey. To be honesty he was a bad driver. Next I wanted to go on the fear fall but my other cousin wanted to go on the Pirateship and that is what we did.