Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony :)

Did you know that the Opening Ceremony was spectacular!!. Yesterday morning on July 27th the Opening Ceremony kicked off with a smashing start. There were Fireworks, Colourful Lights and people dancing. “That was a show”.

Mike McRoberts was Reporting from the Kiwi House. If you don’t know what a Kiwi House is well here is your answer. So a Kiwi House is a spot for the Athletes and Fans watch the show and come together.

When Queen Elizabeth went to the London Olympics she went there on a Helicopter with James Bond and She Parachuted off the Plane. “How amazing” I Said.  

Nick Wilson Carried the New Zealand Flag to Represent us New Zealanders. Contestants were doing their sports and the Audience were cheering along.

I hope that the next Olympics it will be as great a this one was.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Olympic Games

In 2012 the  London Olympics are going to be hosted in London England in Great Britain. Did you Know July 27th 2012 is when the Ceremony Concert  Opened in  London England to Introduce the starting of the Olympics.

The Olympic Flag

Did you know that Baron Pierre De Coubertin Designed the Olympic flag from the 1913’s to the 1914’s? The Olympic rings represent five parts of the world.

The Colour of the rings are Blue, Black, Yellow, Red and green with a White background. The five Olympic rings are Interlocking. If you did not know what Interlocking means it means that things are connected together.

Friday, 20 July 2012

About Me and My Family....

 Hi my Name is Rave Morung Motufoua, I have two sides of my family my Mum’s side and my Dad’s side. My Dad’s side is samoa and my Mum’s maori. I cannot speak samoa or maori because I have not been teached it.

In my family I have lots of cousins on my Dad’s side and those are my first other cousins but on my Mum’s side I have one first cousin and other but I have not seen them in a long time but they are still my family.

One holiday I travelled to Samoa with my Dad’s side and my cousins. We stayed at my Auntys and Uncle’s House. They had a big yard with lots of games. My cousins stayed for two weeks and Me and my Dad only stayed for one week.

On One other holiday I went Up North with my Mum’s side. We went up there because It was my Grand Uncles birthday. Up North I have some more cousins. They are my Uncles and Auntys Daughters and Son’s

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Researching Our Olympic Event...

My Olympic Event is Water Polo. Water Polo is like indoor soccer but in a swimming pool and you have to use your hands. There are two nets where you have to hit the ball into the net to get a point for their team.

Well to play you have two try to defend to get the ball and pass it towards the goal so you can score a point to win.

Water Polo Started in1928 and was invented in the 1897’s at England and Scotland.

In the 1900’s was when the Olympic Games started and the Paris Games was where Olympics Games started. 

In Water Polo the equipment you need is a Ball, Bathing Caps, Land Ropes and buoys, Goals and swimsuits. The skills you need is you have to be fit because it is a tough game.  

Interesting Facts:

  • It’s a tough game
  • You need to be fit

Monday, 16 July 2012

Holiday Highlight

“Happy Holidays” Whoo Hoo it’s the holidays. In the Holidays I did lots of things. I Slept at my mum’s house for a few days, I went to Tenpin Bowling with my mum, dad, brother and Aunt, We brought some movies from The Warehouse and blockbuster dvd store.....

The Holidays were fun because I got the spend some time with my two Aunts, My Uncle and my cousin named Logan. They all came from Wellington to Auckland Hamilton Marae.