Thursday, 28 November 2013

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Fish of Maui

This is my movie about The Fish of Maui. Hope you Enjoy. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Camping at kawau Island.

Today I had to answer questions about my camp I am going to on the 19th of November. Next week we are going to be doing heaps of Activities. We are camping at Kawau Island. I am looking forward to Going Kayaking, Jumping of the wolf, orienteering and the Burma Tail. I can't look forward to this camp and I bet it is going to be so so so so so much fun. And if you have been don't tell me about it.  

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Free Blog Writing - Orienterring.

Today we went Orienterring and it was fun.We had to go to the courts and wait for our tutors. We got to go out of School Grounds and we had to clip the letters on the numbers. I had a buddy but then we decided we had to be by ourself. There were two course's and I got to do course 2 first. I started with the letter P,Q,R,S,T,U. Those we the letters. In the end we had finishing times and mine was 28 min and 10s.    

Monday, 4 November 2013

Writing Test.

Start Writing Here:

I heard a whisper but no one was there. My Brother and I were just slowly woke up and we could hear a whisper. No one was there but I could see shadows and grey things floating around in the air above me. “ Did you hear that” asked Nathan “ Hear what” repiled Kayla. “ I could hear the sounds of ghosts or something” “ohh, just go back to sleep you baby” Said Kayla.  

The next morning it was bright yellow in the sky and I were still freaking out about yesterday. It was very scary and I was starting to be afraid. “Ahh, Grow up you big baby, it wasn’t real” said Kayla to Nathan. “ Yeah, if it wasn’t real then why could I hear sounds then? ha ha “ I don’t know but I am sure it isn’t real and I bet it was just a dream.  

“Should we tell mum and dad?” Whispered Nathan “ You can, you're the only one that believes in this” said Kayla. Nathan walked up to mum and dads bedroom. “ Mum dad, I  have something to tell you” “What is it darling” While me and Kayla were in bed yesterday we could hear sounds of ghosts” “Ghosts, aren’t real silly, where did you get that from?” Mum asked. “ I don’t know” replied Nathan “ Well, just forget about it ok” “ Ok, mum”.

Later that day Me and Kayla  had to do something about this. So what we decided to do was go haunting in the farm outside and go find out where the ghosts live and where they come into our rooms. “We should wait to night time because it will be better” Kayla exclaimed “Ok” Nathan said.

Night slowly was came and it was getting darker and darker. “Should we go now” asked Nathan “ Yes we should” Kayla replied. Me and Nathan slowly walked up to the shed outside in the farm. “There they are” Nathan whispered. “ Should we go talk to them?” “ Yes, lets go” “ Hey, ghosts stop coming into our house and whispering” “ Why?” asked the ghosts “ Because you are freaking us out” yelled Nathan and Kayla. “Ok” said all the ghosts. “ What, so you just going to stop?” asked Nathan . “Yes, now can you go now, we are having a party?”exclaimed the ghosts. “Sure, have fun”.

So it turned out that the ghosts were pretty nice and they won’t come into our room again. So it was a happy ending for everybody and even the ghosts too.

THE END . . .        

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Family trip to Parakai Springs..

Yesterday me and my family went to Parakai Springs for about 5 hours. We went there for a family day so we can spend time together too. After Parakai we were going to my Aunt's house for my Papa's Birthday. he was turning 68.

When we arrived we I could hear the sounds of people laughing and water splashing. First we had to sort everything out and then after that we walked inside. We went to the counter and we had to give the lady our money and then we just had to have fun.

We had to get changed into our togs and then we found a picnic table for us to sit on. We had a picnic basket and everything. First my brother got ready then me and then my dad and last was my mum. When we were ready we jumped into the pool. After a hour my mum suggested we should get some hot chips and me, my brother and dad agreed.

So me and my mum went to get the hot chips and my brother and dad just continued swimming. When me and my mum walked up to the counter we saw that there was a menu that had 6x Chicken Nuggests plus hot chips and a drink, so my mum got 2x for me and my brother and she also go 2x hot chips for herself and my dad. We had to wait a bit but it was fine.

We ate our food and it was yummy. When we were finished at Parakai we Sadly had to Go Home. :-(

Friday, 1 November 2013

Retelling The Story Rosie...

WALT: Show not tell when writing a paragraph. 

It steaming hot on the farm, but that didn't stop dad gathering all the sheep so we can sheer them. Dad also bought out the barking circus, the dogs. They were great and good to train. Sweet birds we tweeting and it was time for breakfast and I had a bowl of cornflakes and toast spread with jam. It was hours later after breakfast and there were jobs to do. I had to feed the goats and milk the cow and shave the sheep so we could get wool. I had to spread it out on the table. After all the work was done we had some milkshakes and had some sandwiches for a little snack.