Sunday, 26 January 2014

Trip to Orere Point.

Yesterday me and my family went to Orere Point again. We keep on going there because it isn't a long drive and it is really really fun. We had another BBQ and we still were jumping of the mud into the water.

Trip to Orere Point.

Last weekend me and my family went to Orere Point. While we were there we were jumping of the mud into the water and it was fun. I was jumping off with my cousin Kauri. We were having a BBQ and my aunty and uncle bought there frying pan so that was a big help.

My Dads 39th Birthday.

Januray the 20th was my dads birthday. He was turn 39 and we were celebrating it at Valentines. We we having a lunch there. It was so yummy. We went with my cousin Brook too. And while we were there it turned out that I like Prawns. They are so yummy and and nice to eat. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Monsters Inc Drawings.

Today I coloured in a Monsters Inc drawing. I used crayons and I didn't have a drawing plan. But I like it and I hope you do to.

Monday, 13 January 2014

2014 Memory Jar.

This Year my mum decided we should do a Memory Jar of 2014. We will have to write the memories on a piece of paper and pop it in the jar, I think

Variety Club Prizzys.

At School we had Santa Karly come to our school. Her and her Elves gave use early christmas prizzys. I know I am doing this post way after christmas but I wanted to still post about it. Anyway, when I got home I opened up my present. I got a Diary and decorations to put on it to. Thanks Variety Club and Karly and Her Elves.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Trip To Parakai

Today I went to Parakai with my mum, dad and my baby brother Suade. We were going to Parakai because it was a hot day and we really wanted to go for a swim. When we got to Parakai it was fill of people from Holiday Programs and  people there with there family. So my mum decided that we will go to Helensville and have a look around. We had lunch and then went back to Parakai. This time when we went and it wasn't that packed with people. We entered inside and it was fill of people. Some people had marquee's up and having a BBQ. After we found a sitting spot I just jumped in the pool. We swam for 1 hour and we left.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Today is Wednesday 1st of January 2014. This Year, I would like to

1. Go Swimming At Orere Point Beach Again.

2. Enjoy My Hoildays.

3. Have a fun Year in Year 7 at School.

Spending the weekend at my Auntys House.

On the Weekend I spent my days swimming. I was with my cousins Kauri, Mina and Tj. The best part of our weekend was swimming in the pool they got from there parents.

Nextbook Tablet 7

I Like using my Tablet because it is a cool Digital Device. My favourite app on it is Hill Climb Racing. I like playing it because when the guy in the car falls over it is funny.

My Cousin Staying Over.

Today my Cousins, Brooke and Tyra were going home because they stayed over the day before. They were going to there dads house for the rest of the day.

Orere Point Beach.

Yesterday I went to Orere Point Beach. When we got there, there was a Swimming Hole and the beach too. I was the first person to go for a swim and the water was cold. For Lunch we had a Picnic.

Going To Bed at 2:00 in the morning.

This morning I went to bed at 2:00 in the morning. I went to bed that late because it was New Years Eve and I was supossed to stay up until midnight. But then my cousins came over. It was fun because my neighbours were up too and we were throwing water balloons with them and my cousins.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Happy New Year Everyone. I wish you have a perfect year in 2014. Happy New Year.