Friday, 30 May 2014

Explanation of Homemade Instruments!

I’m going to explain how make a homemade Can Drum. It is very simple but can be hard at times if you DON’T follow the instructions correctly. Along the way I am going to be taking you though the instructions.

The materials that you will need are a can, Rubber Band and a piece of paper. First, cover the top of the can with the Piece of Paper, using the Rubber Band wrap it around the top of the can to keep the piece of paper down. Make sure that it doesn't come off.

Now you can see that your Can Drum might just look like a piece of paper covering the top of the can with a rubber band tied on the top to keep the paper down. But wait, when you hit/tap the top of the can it will make a little bang sound and if you make a little rhythm it could be a little jingle.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Funnel Ears Science Experiment

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I change the shape of a piece of paper? (e.g. from a flat shape to a funnel shape)

Links to research about Sound:

Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that the sound of the paper will be a echo sound like in a tunnel.
Materials needed
Piece of paper and tissues.

Experiment (procedure):

e.g. Step 1 - First hold a flat piece of paper against your ear. Block your other ear with your hand. Get your partner to speak to you. What is the sound like? Can you hear clearly?

Step 2 - Next, roll the piece of paper into a funnel shape. Put the funnel against your ear. Face the funnel towards your partner and listen to them speak. What does it sound like? Can you hear clearly?

Step 3 - Next, face the funnel to the side while your partner speaks to you. Does it make a difference to the sound that you can hear?

Step 4 - Put some cotton balls or tissue paper into the funnel to block one end. Does it make a difference to the sound you hear?

Step 5 - Next, roll the piece of paper up and l

Data (What happened?)

flat piece of paper
It was clear and didn’t make a difference.
funnel facing to the front
It sounds like a echo.
funnel facing to the side
It sounds like you are inside someone else and like you are whispering
tissue blocking funnel.
It just sounded clear.
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the front)
It Sounded like I was having a conversation.
rolled up piece of paper (facing to the side)
I could just hear the sound in the background.

It turns out that half of my hypothesis was right. When the paper was flat and Nikita spoke it sounded like Nikita and I were having a conversation. When we turned the paper into a funnel shape and faced it to the front it sounded like an echo. When we faced the funnel sideways it sounded like you were inside someone else's head and they were whispering. When we added a circle shape tissue at the end it sounded like someone was shouting to you across the room. When we rolled up the piece of paper facing the front it sounded like
someone is talking to you but echoing. Finally, we faced it to the side and it sounded like someone was whispering to you.

Just Like my hypothsis was right. And my Observation.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Summary On Hearing!

This article was all about this boy named, Dylan Vaughan. He was born profoundly deaf. He had to have a cochlear implant.  The health system paid for the first implant. So, his parents (Jo and Neil Vaughan) fundraise so he could. They raised $50.000 and paid for the second implant. Yes, he had 2 implants. But, now the government is paying for 2 cochlear implants for children under 6 years of age.

How Sound Affects Your Brain!

How does music affect our ears? Well, if we are listening to music with little ear buds and the music is too loud, it can damage our hearing and you can’t get it back. You will just be deaf and wouldn’t be able to hear anything. But it doesn’t only affect your ears, it can affect your body.  

There are all different types of music. For example Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rap, Soul, R&B, Opera, Blues, Classical, Reggae and 70’s and 80’s and many more. Sometimes, if you listen to music it can bring back old memories. My favourite is hip hop. Some other peoples favourite’s might be Opera or even the Blues.

All around the world but mostly in America, there are all sorts of artists. For example, Beyonce, Will.I.Am, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Eminem and many more. It is really great to have these sort of people to make music for us. Without music it would be…. boring.

Instruments make sound, and there are lots of instruments in the world like… piano, drums, guitar, violin, percussion instruments, triangle, flute, trumpet and much more. Many instruments are hard to play but some can be easy  to play.

How does music or sound travel? If you hit an object the sound bounces off  and becomes sound waves. Then, it travels into your inner ear and air drums. Finally, your brain should then recognize it as sound.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Science Experiment Template

Science experiment:

Question: What will happen to the sound if I cut the straw shorter and blow through it?

Links to research about Sound:

Hypothesis: (What do you think will happen?) e.g. I think that the shorter you cut the straw the higher the sound gets.

Materials needed:
All you need is a straw and scissors.

Experiment (procedure):
e.g. Step 1 - Crease straw 2-3 cm long on one end.

Step 2 -  Cut a triangle shape at the end of the straw and blow into cut end.

Step 3 - Listen to the sound it makes.

Step 4 - Cut the straw shorter.
Step 5 - Blow on cut end.

Data (What happened?)

Straw Length:
Long - 15 cm
Makes a Sound
Shorter - 10 cm
Sound was higher
Short - 5 cm
Sound was more high pitched.

I Cut the Straw shorter and it was high not low.  
I Cut it a bit shorter and it was a bit higher than before.
I Cut it even shorter and it was higher than the other ones I have blown.

When you cut the straw shorter the sound of the straw when you blow it gets higher. When it is long the sound was low but when I cut the straw down the noise was higher. At 15 cm it made a sound. At 10 cm the sound a bit higher. But at 5 cm the noise was high pitched.

It turns out that my hypothesis was right. I have noticed that when you cut the straw shorter the higher the sound gets when you blow it.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sound: What Can I Hear?

Having ears are great! Not having ears you wouldn’t be able to hear a single thing. Imagine, if you couldn’t hear anything? It will be boring and weird. If you couldn’t hear you wouldn’t be able to listen to conversations that your family and friends will be having.

Being able to hear sound is really important. At home I like listening  to the sounds of my family laughing and getting to know each other more because it is funny. Sometimes I can hear the sound of the dishes being washed or the vacuum sucking up all of the dust thats on the ground.

There are many sounds in the environment. At school I can hear the sounds of the teachers having conversations with groups and people laughing and typing on there netbooks. Sometimes I even hear the sound of visitors walking past us and watching our work.

Outside and being able to hear noises around you is good for people.  When I am outside I like listening to the sounds of netball balls being bounced. Or rugby balls being kicked. But mostly I like it when my friends and I are chatting with each other.

Whenever I am on the street and listening to things I can hear the sounds of cars whizzing past me. Not only that, I can hear the sounds of the buzzers at shops when people leave. I also can hear the sounds of police car firetrucks sirens.

My ears are great! I am glad that there is sound and I can hear. Not being able to hear will be a nightmare to me because at home I am a pretty loud person :) WIthout my ears I will be hearing nothing and I will just hear silence. It will be totally boring and creepy.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Immersion Assembly: Term 2 2014.

Displaying Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.36.32 AM.png
Wow! We just arrived back at school and it is a whole new term. It is Term 2 and people are really pumped, I know I am. Normally, in the morning we just get started with our work but not today. We had Immersion Assembly. The theme this year is ‘I like to move it move it’.
To be honest I really like that theme because I like the song ‘I like to move it move’.

If you don’t know what Immersion Assembly is well, it is when the school teachers do a performance to show the school what they’re topic is for the whole term. The first team that was up was, Team 1. There topic was all about the zoo and the safety equipment that they use.

The second team that was up was, team 2. There topic this term is all about Flight. For examples airplanes, thrust, drag and gravity. The teachers were wearing great costumes. Mrs Eddie was wearing a plane, Mrs Glaze was pretending to fly a helicopter and another teacher was pretending to be a air balloon.

The third team was of course, team 3. There topic is all about light and how it works. On stage the teachers were showing the colours of light and the speed of it. All the teachers were wearing tutus and that was the light on them. Next after team 3 was, team 4. There topic is all about Floating & Sinking. On stage they were playing a video and it was all about the displacing of water when a boat floats on it.

The last team was, Team 5 (My Team). Our topic is all about Sound and Voluming. We are learning about how sound is made, how it travels and how we hear it and Physics etc. I also hope we are going to be doing some fun experiences along the way.

At Immersion Assembly I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed the performance’s. My favourite one was team 4. When they were asking questions and it was funny.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Only 2 Days Left.

Nooooooo Only 2 days left on holiday and I feel sad. I want it to continue but sadly I have to go back to school. Normally, I feel happy going back to school but not now. I just want at least one more week on holiday :) Right now I wish I was in my Mum and Dad's shoes right now.

During the holidays I got a new baby cousin, Caleb. He was unexpected the day he was born but it was a great surprise. That was my holiday highlight. He is so cute thought. Sadly I don't have a photo but I will post one soon.