Friday, 30 May 2014

Explanation of Homemade Instruments!

I’m going to explain how make a homemade Can Drum. It is very simple but can be hard at times if you DON’T follow the instructions correctly. Along the way I am going to be taking you though the instructions.

The materials that you will need are a can, Rubber Band and a piece of paper. First, cover the top of the can with the Piece of Paper, using the Rubber Band wrap it around the top of the can to keep the piece of paper down. Make sure that it doesn't come off.

Now you can see that your Can Drum might just look like a piece of paper covering the top of the can with a rubber band tied on the top to keep the paper down. But wait, when you hit/tap the top of the can it will make a little bang sound and if you make a little rhythm it could be a little jingle.

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