Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Whale Child

The Whale Child

Today I read a book about the whale child. The book is about a girl was born and she is the whale child. She becomes friends with the youngest whale in the family pack.

But then a storm happens and a ship arrived onto the sandy hollow. One day, the whale child and the whale swam further than they have even been before.

Then the find a big black boat. The people on the boat were whale hunters and they had spears at the tip of their boat. But then the great teeth drove deep into the youngest whale.

The the whale child swam away from the whale so the boat follows her. Because if she went to the whale the boat would follow her and find the other whales and they would die, and she didn’t want that to happen.

But then the story was over and it turns out that it was all a story that grandma was telling me. And if you wanted to know grandma is the whale child.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What is a Netbook and How is It used?

What is a Netbook and how is it used?  

A Netbook is a learning tool that students in Year 4 upwards use at our school. It is a piece of technology that is like a mini computer that has a keyboard and a screen. It is also portable.

A Netbook has a built in mouse that we use to move around and click things. It has a keyboard that we use to type our writing and publish onto our blogs. It has a battery that we have to charge everyday to get it working. It has a camera that we use to take pictures. It has a headphone slot that we use to listen to music. It has a USB port that we use to upload stuff onto our netbooks. It has a screen that we look at to go on school work.

To get our netbook to work we will have to charge it every time we leave school, so we have it running when we come back to school the next morning. To charge our netbook we will have to make sure the end of the charger is plugged in. Then we have to plug the front of the socket into our netbook. So if it is charged then we can do writing, reading and maths also go on math whizz, xtramath and studyladder.   

I like using my netbook because it is much better than pencil and paper. I like using it for gmail, writing, reading and researching. If we didn’t have netbooks we wouldn’t be researching and gmail.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Interviewing The Junior School

Interviewing the Junior School.

Class 2 had the chance to create some toys for the junior school to play with. We will have to design the toys and then create them. The kids are year 2s and they are 5 and 6 years of age. They were running out of toys and they needed some more.

First, we had to brainstorm all the toys little 5 year olds would like. Here are some ideas of some toys,  Smurfs, cars, barbie, blocks, airplanes, anything they would like. Girls would like barbie, dolls and pink. Boys would like cars, airplanes, blocks and rockets.  

I got 4 girls, Eden, Katielynn, Sonnia and Peisey. Eden wanted a Barbie with pink on it because she likes pink and she likes barbie, and she likes Ipads to. Katielynn likes the smurfs because she likes smurfs movies and she thinks they're really funny.

Sonnia likes tinkerbell because she likes to play with dolls and she likes to watch barbie movies also. Peisey likes Ipads because she likes all the games you can get and she has fun playing them.

When we got all the toys they liked it was time to create and design. But I think the little kids will have to wait a while to get the toys. Maybe days or months, hey we never know.

Friday, 14 February 2014


Today at assembly we had two acts perform for our school. The first one was a hip hop dance crew with students from our school. They danced to the song called live it up by Pitbull feat Jennifer Lopez and they had cool dance moves.

Next was some samoan ladies dancing and they were very talented. Before they started dancing Jacob bowled the con shell to introduce their dance. They also got interview and they said that they had started dancing since they were 2,3,4, or 5 years old, and I thought was pretty awesome.

Another cool thing at assembly was some people won some posters by getting some answers right. Miss Vaafusuaga was doing a quiz and Christian and Isaiah won a poster each.

Waitangi movies were played at assembly today to. On was by one person named Stevenson Erick and he created a movie by himself. It was short but very interesting. Class 12 also created movie and it was about the 3P’s. Protection, Partnership and Participation. There was fun and cool.

House Captains, Ambassadors and Perfects got to get there pagges. All of them we different. Some had the name ambassadors on it for the Ambassadors. The house captain ones had the name house captain on it and the perfects had the name perfects on it.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Empathy - What Does It Mean To Me?

Empathy - What does it mean to me?

To me empathy means caring about someone else's feelings and looking out for one another. For example, if someone falls over and another person is caring about how they feel, that is empathy.

Feelings and emotions are maybe the most popular words in empathy because that is what it means. Caring, sharing, friendship, understanding and worrying about others are good words in Empathy also.

Empathy - being aware of and sharing another person’s feelings, experiences, and caring about others emotions.  

What Waitangi Means to Me.

Waitangi to me, means different Maori and European people made an agreement to sign the Treaty on 6 February 1840 to share their land with each other. But they are still arguing with each other today.

Some people call Waitangi Day a celebration because that’s exactly what it means. Australians celebrate their national holiday by having parties.

If you didn’t know  Protection, Partnership and Participation are the main words in Treaty of Waitangi. They are called the 3P’s at my school but I don’t know what you call it, and every Waitangi Day it is a holiday and we have no school and no work.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What are the 3P's

Do you know what the 3P's are? They are Protection, Partnership and participation. We are writing about this because we are learning about The Treaty of Waitangi and if you what to know what the Treaty is about, it is about the 3P's.

Protection: Means the action of protecting, or the state of being protected and a document guaranteeing immunity from harm to the person specified in it, here are some examples and examples at Pt England: Safety, caring, defence, looking after gear and cyber smart.

Partnership: Means an arrangement in which parties agree to co operate to advance their mutual interests, here are some more examples and examples at Pt England like together, HSP (Home School Partnership), unity, meet the teacher, Team member and team work, now lets move on to Participation.

Participation: Means the action of taking part in something and in other words giving it a go, here are some examples and examples at Pt England, sports, joining in and volunteering.



Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Orere Point Holiday Park.

My Holiday Highlight was me and my family spent the last weekend of the holidays at Orere Point Holiday Park. We stayed in a cabin and we had a river to swim in. There is 5 trampolines and 5 parks in the whole camp site. My Aunty was sleeping in a tent with her two dogs. My Mum,dad and little brother were staying in cabin 3 and my aunty and uncle were in cabin 2 next to us. So every breakfast, Lunch and dinner we cooked together and share the food.

On Saturday all the family went down to the river and had a swim. Me and my cousins were bombing of the BIG ROCKS and making a big SPLASH!! We also packed a big picnic and had lunch down there. It was so much fun and the food was yummy too. And we also went to the deep side of the river to see how deep it was.

On Sunday it was the last day to spend at the park. So we decided that we were going to go down the Orere Beach for the rest of the day. When we arrived it was HIGH TIDE. So, me and my cousin’s were jumping off the ledge into the water.When we  jumped in were saying things like “ Cheesecake, chocolate fudge, chocolate cake” and heaps of other things. When we started to get hungry my uncle went to get some fish and chips for us to eat. He got some bread too for chippie Sandwhiches.

So me and my mum thought our last day for the holidays were fun. But of course we were all tired, so we just went home and we watched a movie called Jack and Jill.