Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What are the 3P's

Do you know what the 3P's are? They are Protection, Partnership and participation. We are writing about this because we are learning about The Treaty of Waitangi and if you what to know what the Treaty is about, it is about the 3P's.

Protection: Means the action of protecting, or the state of being protected and a document guaranteeing immunity from harm to the person specified in it, here are some examples and examples at Pt England: Safety, caring, defence, looking after gear and cyber smart.

Partnership: Means an arrangement in which parties agree to co operate to advance their mutual interests, here are some more examples and examples at Pt England like together, HSP (Home School Partnership), unity, meet the teacher, Team member and team work, now lets move on to Participation.

Participation: Means the action of taking part in something and in other words giving it a go, here are some examples and examples at Pt England, sports, joining in and volunteering.



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