Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Thinkboard - Wk 3 T4 2015

This here is the thinkboard for this week. We had to come up with 10 other similar questions, show a diagram, write a story problem and show the strategy we used. I Hope You Like!! 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Maths Work - Week 3 2015

This here is my maths work for this week! I Hope You Like! 

Friday, 23 October 2015

The History of Superman!

The History of Superman! I Hope You Like! 

Split Second... Gone!

Title - Split SecondGone!  

It was a cool evening and the moon was glistening in the sky. My family and I were patiently waiting to go and watch an outdoor screening of the movie, Madagascar 3. We had packed all of our snacks for us to eat. We had bananas, crackers, ice blocks, drinks and much more. We also had a mini tent for us to relax in. I was excited for the events to follow.  

We had arrived into our section and I had got a glimpse of the gigantic movie screen. WOW! I was so impressed with the size of it and I  couldn’t wait for us to see the movie with the loud sound speakers. There were people comfortably sitting down waiting for the movie to kickstart, it was at that moment that I could smell the buttery popcorn cooking, making my mouth drool just a thought of eating it.

We were just about to go and watch our movie, but then, I had just noticed that I had dropped my ipod touch a split second ago. My family was looking everywhere around where we were and it wasn’t in our eye site. We had traced back all of our steps and we still couldn’t see it anywhere. At this point, I was getting very worried that I might never get my ipod back and never play on it again.

With the sadness that had happened, we just decided to still watch the movie and then, find my ipod afterwards. When the movie finished, we still couldn’t find it so, we went to the hosts of this event to tell them what had happened.

A few weeks later, we received a call from them and they said someone had handed it in to them and they said it was just a few steps behind us. I had felt thrilled and relieved  that someone had found my ipod. I also felt a bit blind because we couldn’t see it anywhere around us.

I wish I could say thank - you to that person but sadly, he/she wasn’t there when we went to pick it up. If the person that is reading this I would just like to say thank - you for handed it and being a kind person for doing that. Thank - you!

Trip to Nikau Cave - Literacy Task!

This here is my literacy task for week 2 of school! I Hope You Like! 

Monday, 12 October 2015

Thinkboard - Wk 1 Term 4

This here is my thinkboard for Wk 1 of Term 4. It is very explanatory because I have posted thinkboards a lot of times. I Hope You Like!!