Friday, 31 May 2013

Animals in Antartctica.

This Movie is about what I know that lives in Antarctica. For the whole term I have been learning about Antarctica and what goes around in Antarctica. i have been watching happy feet the tapping movie and singing movie to learn about Antarctica too. i hope you enjoy and please leave me some nice respectful feedback. 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Free Blog Writing.

After school on 29th of may I asked my dad if we could go and visit my grandad in the hospital. And he said “Yeah we will go after”And I replied “Ok. While my dad was getting ready I was getting my stuff ready two. I had to get me an jumper or jacket because it was freezing outside and put some shoes on not jandals.

After me and my dad and of course my brother we were ready to go. We hopped into the car and off we went. On the way there my dad stopped at a samoan shop and got some panikeke (Which means pancake in samoan) and some meat and pumpkin.

When we got to the hospital we went to the shops to get something to eat and some Minties for my grandad. When we came up he lifts my brother was talking the whole way and he was like “ ha I told you we were coming to level 6 I told you”. He was so Funny.

Finally we got to my grandad’s room and he was asleep. My dad was like “WAKE UP” and he was up straight away. My dad and my grandad were talking and me and my brother were eating what we got from down stairs.

After that we took some photos and my grandad looked tired. He was coughing hard out and he was taking some pills to get better..

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoy and please leave me some feedback.     

Writing a Creative Narrtive.

Hi my name is Bella  and I am a graceful athlete who loves to do long jump at the olympics. One time when was doing the long jump I got past the red line and I was flattered. This year is the 2013 olympics and I am going to represent New Zealand in the long jump. My goal for this olympics is to do my best and get past the red line. That will make me so so so happy.

The big day was getting closer and closer and I was getting more nervous and nervous. Everyday I  had a routine to make me do good. First I would have some muesli and yogurt, and then I will practice in my backyard. I will run two laps around my house and then I will practice my jumping.

The olympics was one day away and the pressure was getting onto me. The nerves were starting to kick in. That same day I was practicing and practicing so I could win, I didn’t what to let my country down. As I said I have a routine that I do. I kept on doing that over and over again.

The next day it was the day of the olympics. I had to go and sign up and get my number that I have to be, I was number 102. When the intercom went off and somebody said that “ It is time for the Long jump attenders”. And then I went I run as fast as I can and I jumped high and I landed in the sand. But guess what it was QUICKSAND. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” I was yelling. “Somebody help me I am sinking in quicksand”. I was getting scared but when I was yelling out nobody could hear me.

Finally one person was walking past the long jump and guess what is was my best friend, Jessica. Jess I said “ I am stuck in the sand because it is QUICKSAND”. Please help me. Then Jessica did help me she called the Quicksand place which is Get Stuck, came to the olympic place and used their tools to help me get out. I was so flattered that Jessica was there for me. “ Thank you Jess” I said.

The End.  

Thank you for reading my story I hope you have enjoyed it and can you please leave me some nice and respectful comments.

At the Top is a little Animation I have created to go with this piece of writing. And in the movie there is a challenge. See if you can see what it is a Comment down below of what YOU think.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

After and Before.

And this is when I was about 5 or 4 years old.
This is When I was 10 years olds. 
OMG, I have been growing for the past few years. I have so much a difference of what I was before. But I hope you have liked how I have changed heaps and Please Leave me some feedback. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

DLO - Digital Learning Object Week 2

This is my movie for my DLO - for Week 2. In my movie I am telling you information about Antartctic Seals, and there is also an animation in the movie too. I hope you Enjoy!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Cousin's Birthday

Last weekend was my cousin's birthday, her name is Talina. This was her 5th birthday and she was having it at McDonald's  At her party her family came and some of her friends from Kindergarten. She just started Kindergarten and I think she is so excited.

First we played pass the parcel. The parcel awards were McDonald's toys. Mostly when we were playing people just wanted  the toys not play the game. Next we ordered our food. I got me a cheese burger and so did the other kids. My brother got chicken nuggets and the birthday girl got a cheese burger too.

During our food was still getting made the birthday girl opened up her presents. My dad and I got her a card and $40 dollars in it. Some other people got her some clothes and a play dough set. When she finished opening her presents the food was there and we all ate. After we finished eating we had some of her birthday cake and sang the birthday song too her. 

After everybody finished eating and had a rest and the kids played on the play ground the little kids got to go and do there own ice cream. What I mean by that is that all the kids got to go to the ice cream machine and put the ice cream on the cone themselves. And the big kids got to go to but we went after the little kids. 

When we were finished at McDonald's the whole family went to the hospital to go and see my papa. Then after that we went to the birthday girls house and have a cup of tea and play with the birthday girls toys. When time went by we ordered food from the Chinese shop and got some food to eat. Don't worry this is at night not in the afternoon like McDonald's. 

When everybody finished eating and everybody finished having a rest we looked at the photos from McDonald's. We took funny ones and cute ones two. In the end everybody said goodbye to everybody and we told the family we had a lot of fun. 

Thank you for reading my story of what I did last weekend. I hope you enjoyed it and please leave me some nice and respectful feedback.    

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Information about the Animals in Antarctica.

Information about: Penguins

Did you know that Emperor Penguins and Adeile Penguins breed and take care of there eggs in different shorts of ways. Emperor Penguins take care of there eggs by putting them on their feet, but Adeile Penguins take care of their eggs by building nests using stones. Did you know that all penguins have different layers on them. The first layer is their skin, then their hair and fur and the last layer is a waterproof layer so water doesn't go into the penguins skin.

Information about: Killer Whales.

Did you know that killer whales are named differently. Female killer whales are named cows, male killer whales are named bulls and the baby killer whale is named the calf. When the mother killer whale  is nearly going to have a baby killer whale the mother gives birth underwater and takes the baby to the surface of the water for its first breath of air.

Information about: Seals

Did you know that Seals are mammals and they are in all seas all over the world. If you didn't know this but I bet you do, that Seals are so on ice but fast in the water. It is because true seals have no ear flippers but eared seals do have flippers and they can walk a little bit. Seals worst enemies are killer whales. Did you know that I have seen a Video of killer whales trying to get a Seal off a piece of ice in the water, it is so sad.

Thank you for reading my story of me telling you information about animals from Antartctica. I hope you enjoyed and I please hope that you leave me some nice and respectful feedback. :)   

Here is link to a Information Website for kids.

Here is a link to a Information Website.

Taking my Netbook Home

This week I got to take my netbook home. I was so excited to take it home because I get to finish off my work in spare time. When I take it home I get to have a little free time after doing my work, just like.Don’t worry I won’t go on free time.

Tomorrow at school I hope my battery is full and I will have to remember when I go on it in the morning I have to not log out I have to shut down. So wish me luck I remember or I will not ever take my netbook home.

My Digital Art.

Up the  top is my digital Art I have created in maths. Hope you enjoy and leave me some nice feedback. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Redferns against Revelations

Today my netball team was going to play our second game against Revelation netball team. My coach and my team didn’t know who they were. Now I am playing my second game I am getting more nervous. After school today all the Yr 6 to 8 netball teams are going to be playing their second game. We get dressed and train a little bit before our game starts. The shooters in the team had to practice their shooting and the other girls just played our centre pass game.

Maybe when we get to the courts we can play master. Master is a shooting game that everybody can play. Last week when we played our first game we were not going good. In the first quarter we were not doing well. We were stepping heaps and not passing right, but in the second quarter we came back and we were fighting, getting free, passing good and not stepping. So in the second that was the win win quarter.  

At halftime we had a drink of water. My mum and dad, who are my coach and manager, were telling us girls we were playing good, but he said we had to watch our stepping and passing and to signal. Signal is a move that my dad taught us girls.

Every training my dad will teach us to do different netball moves to us we'll playing. One is called The Zone. The Zone is when we pass from the Centre to WA and then to GA and then to GS. Another move we do is called Centre pass. It is when we just play our normal game but we can’t talk just signal.   

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


On Tuesday 14th of May it was the day my netball team was going to play our first netball game. We were playing against Holy Cross School. They were a really hard team to play against. After school we had to go to the hall and prepare for our game. We got dressed and we trained a little bit before the game. The shooters practiced there shooting and the other players played a game. When our game was nearly going to start my team was really nervous. When we started we were not going good, but on the second quarter we played great. The player of the day we Jordene. I think she deserved to be play of the day because she was doing great defending and great moving around. Well Done Jordene. Our score was 9-12 and we won. YAY, We were all happy and we were glad we won our first game.

DLO, Digital learning Object

This Presentation is about what I had to do for my reading at school. It is about killer whales and their is some information about them. I hope you Enjoy and Please leave me some nice feedback. :)

Friday, 10 May 2013

WILL.I.AM Came to my School.

Yesterday afternoon yes  from the band black eyed peas came to Pt England School. He came to our school because he was interested in our learning at school. told our school a story about his life and said he was living in hell. He said he lived in a bad neighbour hood and he hadn't seen his father and his mother had no job. said to all kids to trust your friends to follow all of your dreams. After he told us his story about his life he gave 100.000.00 thousand dollars to the manaiakalani eduction trust.

Thank You  

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Core Sampling.

This Afternoon I have been learning how to take core samples. We took samples from a cupcake and guessed what the core (inside) liked like. In real life geologists take samples of what is underneath the land.