Thursday, 30 April 2015

Graphic Organiser!

This is a Graphic Designer. All I had to do was answer questions that the teacher gave us. I hope you Enjoy!! 

Top 10 Favourite Songs!

Top 10 Favourite Songs:

1. See You Again -Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth
2. Nasty - T Wayne
3. Five More Hours - Chris Brown
4. Something Big - Shawn Mendes
5. All Hands On Deck - Tinashe
6. Drop that Kitty - Ty Dolla Sign
7. Steal My Girl - One Direction
8. Slow Motion - Trey Songz
9. FourFiveSeconds - Rihanna Remix
10. FourFiveSeconds - Rihanna, Paul Mccarthy and Kayne West


Friday, 24 April 2015

Zeal Zone - Group WW1 2015 Presentation!

This is a presentation that I have created based on the theme Anzac! I created this with my friends named Rebekah, Ofa and Katalinah! Hope You Enjoy! 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

New Series called 'Top 10'!

Hello Everyone,

I am going to be posting more things related to this series called 'Top 10'. All I will be doing to writing down my top 10 favourite things I like or things that I like. So... all I am going to do is just post posts about top 10 of movies, songs, programs, countries and much much more.

I can't wait to more things about 'TOP 10'. I have already posted 3 posts about the 'top 10' series and I hope you can see those one's and the one's coming in the future. I can't wait!

By: Rave 
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My Top 10 Favourite Songs!

Top 10 Favourite Songs:

1. Chris Brown - Five More Hours
2. Figure 8 - Malibu n Helene
3. The Night is still Young - Nicki Minaj
4. I Don't Mind - Usher ft Juicy J
5. Chris Brown - Ayo ft Tyga
6. Ciara - I Bet
7. Ty Dolla Sign ft Charlie XCX and Tinashe - Drop that Kitty
8. Tinashe - All Hands on Deck
9. Something Big - Shawn Mendes
10. Wash ft French Montana - Don't Trust Thots

Thanks for Reading!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Anzac Button - Letter to Ella's Grandfather

Dear Ella's Grandfather,

I would just like to ask you a list of questions about you and the war. Okay, Let's Begin!

Did you like the world war, while you were handling guns and grenades etc?
How were you feeling being away from your family for a long time?
Did you like being part of something that you were risking your life for?
Was the clothing you were wearing, comfortable?
How was your living quarters and lifestyle?
Was the food their, nice and yummy?
And finally, Did you make any close friends?

I really look forward to hearing from you and the answers to my questions!

The Anzac Button - Timeline

1915 - Anzac Day!
Start of the war and he had but his jacket back in the closet for another year. He had pushed his jacket all the way to the back.
25 April 1915!
New Zealand and Australian Troops had landed in Gallipoli in turkey. During the first world war!
April! A Few years later!
The soldier got very old and the jacket just stayed in the closet. The soldier never claimed it. Also, Ella had took the buttons off the jacket. She then, sewed then onto a bright long red ribbon.  

This is a Timeline for the book 'The Anzac Button'. I had to write down things about the book in a timeline. Hope you like! Please leave me feedback!

The Anzac Button - Presentation

This is the Presentation about The Anzac Button - Judy Raymond. I have answer the questions on the slide and I hope you like!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Favourite Songs! Top 10

Top 10 Favourite SOngs:

1: Something Big - Shawn Mendes
2: I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen
3: Somebody - Natalie La Rose
4: Ayo - Chris Brown ft Tyga
5: Post To Be - Omarion ft Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown
6: Came to Do - Chris Brown
7: Latch - Sam Smith
8: Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
9: No Flex Zone - Rae Syrmmund
10: Blank Space - Taylor Swift

Thanks for Reading!