Friday, 28 September 2012

Last Day of the Term 3.

Waking up I felt so sad but excited at the same time because it was the last day of term 3. As some people now that it was the last day at school today on the 28th of September on Friday. So at some schools they will be celebrating their last day of the term by having a shared lunch or even have fun and doing your own free time.

For our class we had a pretty mixed up day because we were doing some work and having some fun two. First at school as normal we had assembly and Duffy, Sports, Lost stuff and more.

After assembly every one went back to their classes and doing their own thing. But for my class we did our normal thing we do every Friday and at the end of the term, Like filling up the conferencing doc and finishing of our work and posting it on our blog.

After all of that it was morning tea and after morning tea it was C.R.E. C.R.E is about when you talk about god and their sons and daughters and also we sing and dance a little.

Afters some people did some free time and did a little filming just for fun and also going to their net books. For freetime we cannot go on You Tube but we can go on google images and games on our net books.

The time went so fast it was lunch time. After lunch as normal we did our best people good in class and had some cake. There were two favors for the cake, Lamination and a yummy chocolate cake. The toppings for both were M&Ms.

Then we had to go to the last assembly for the term and do all the important stuff.
Today was the coolest last day because we got to have fun a little and do our work for fun. I wish i could repeat this day and do it again, But I can’t.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Finding Fractions from Objects

Here are my Two Math Drawings. I Hope you Like it. :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Narative Writing.

While Selena was sitting down in her big brown chair and relaxing she decided to go and have a picnic at the Pt England beach with her friends, Rikki and Brooklyn. So Selena gave them a call and they were really interested.

Rikki brang her flip flops and sun block with her to the beach, Brooklyn brang her sun glasses and surfboard. Surfing was one of her hobbies. When they got there Selena realised that she forgot something.

Rikki and Brooklyn said “Beach here we come” but Selena said “ NO we cannot go swimming yet i forgot the picnic basket”.

So Selena quickly rushed back home and got the picnic basket but she had to go shopping two because she had not got the food for the picnic. She brought sandwiches, canned fruit, mini crackers and other delicious food.

Dans Days 11 1/2 Sunday

This chapter is about how Dan had the greatest night of his life and that his sister talked to him after the gig, And his sister wants Dan to perform at her birthday party a week after his gig. His friend Stavros said that his band was great and that he wants him to perform at his gym club and Dan said “I will have to remember to check my fly. Dan was really lucky to have his Mum back because mum said that she couldn’t come to his gig but she did. Mum made breakfast and they ate on the outside table. After that Mum was going to Check out employment section of the paper so she can get a new job. In the end there grandma and grandpa got more money and gave some to mum because she lost her job.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thursday Olympic Day

Yesterday was a special day because it was Olympic day. If you don’t know what Olympic Day is well here is your answer. Olympic Day is a day where our whole school comes together and participate in different sports or events that are in the olympics.

First on Olympic Day our teacher had organised countries for us to be in. My County was Ireland, So I had to be an Irish person dressed in green, orange or white. In those countries we had leaders two take us to the events we did. My leader was Toko, A year 8 in Room 21.

The first sport my team and I went to play on the basketball court with one of the teachers from Room 18 and his name is Mr Barks. Five people played and tried to score a point for there team.

The second sport we did was 3 legend soccer, With my Netball Manager. She was the coach who told us what to do. We had to find a buddy and we had to tie a piece of string on one of our legs and we had to kick the ball with our other leg.

The other sports we did was handball, Sitting Volleyball, Touch and the last of all Basketball again. Out of all the sports we did I think that my favourite one was sitting volleyball and handball.

I hope one other day at school I hope that my whole school and I will have another olympic day with my principal, Mr Burt.  

Friday, 21 September 2012

My Gymnastics Animation and Keynote

Here is My Gymnastics Keynote and Gymnastics Animation. I hope you have a nice time and be blow away.

Dans Days 11 1/2 Friday

On todays Dans Days it was a pretty sad chapter. Dan and his two sisters left home early because they heard there Mum and dad last night. They were arguing and calculating numbers down on a piece of paper. Dan went to school and had band rehearsals. It was they last band practice till the real thing. They were performing at a graduation social. When it was the night they performed Dan had some bad new from his mum. “By the way, Dan, I don’t think I’ll be able to come tomorrow night. I’m not feeling well.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mixed Numbers and improper fractions

                                       We are learning to turn mixed Numbers into improper fractions.

Dans Days Saturday 11-1/2

In todays chapter Dan had his first gig and Mum couldn't come. Mum couldn’t come to his gig because she did not feel well. So Dan was upset. That his two sisters did something for him. When his big sister got back from her morning Job she brought him home some fruit and nut energy bars. That night Dan perform his first gig. His first  song what not that good. his second song sounded better and his last song was great .

Blue Whale

Whales a marine mammals, so they feed milk to their babies so they can breath air. They feed them milk so they can have more energy and higin.

The big blue whale is not a fish because they are warm blooded.  

Did you know that this huge Blue whale can take up two parts of two classrooms? It is 20 metres so if it was 30 metres the blue whale will take up three classrooms.

There were lots of Blue Whales till they died a long long time ago like how the largest dinosaurs died the same time.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Improper Fractions

Me and My class are learning how to turn Improper fractions into mixed numbers.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Cutting fractions different ways.

                                         My class and I are trying to cut fractions different ways.

Making fractions of the same kind.

Room 14 have been trying to make and cut the fraction into equal parts and the same kind.

Dans Days Wed 11 and a Half

The chapter is about dan and how he had band rehearsal at school. For band rehearsal sean wanted to cancel gig but dan said it was no use. This girl named Cass liked Dan, WHen they were at band rehearsals Dan saw Cass coming over to his band group .

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Dream Holiday!!!

My Dream Holiday is to explore Wellington. I have been to wellington a lot times with my mum and dad so it will be a great thing to go again. My Mum, dad and little brother and I are going to be staying with my Aunty and my cousins.

They live somewhere in wellington, I don’t know what area they live in, but my mum and dad know. It will be my brothers first time going to wellington because he was not born the first time we travelled there.

My family and I are going to be experiencing a new part of the world. especially my little brother because he has not been there before.  

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Making Fractions with Play Dough

This week my classroom and I have been learning how to cut fractions into different equal parts but it is the same. We have been using play dough to practice with. The fractions we are doing are wholes, halves, thirds, 4 firths and more.

For this experience is we had to cut the play dough into chocolate bars and we had to half them into equal diffrent parts. When we  finished cutting the play dough it felt like gooey marshmallows stuck together and smelled like salt and donuts.

My maths group is doing this to help us with our maths. The maths I am talking about is fractions and how we cut them differently. We are learning how to cut different fractions and turn them into different parts.

To show my learning I used google drawing. I used google drawing to show how to cut the same shape in different ways. When I am done I post it onto my blog.

I will feel excited to do this experience again. Next time I hope that we can use play dough again to help us with our fractions.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Experiencing Austraila!! Yay

For one week, some of my family and I travelled to Australia. I  experienced a different part of the world and I got to see what Australia really looks like.

When we drove around, we saw a lot of brown grass. There wasn’t much green grass. We saw a lot of tall buildings, motorways and a very big bridge, called the Gateway Bridge.

In the morning, the sun came up early at 6 o’clock and the weather was very warm. It wasn’t hot, it was just warm. One night, there was a thunder storm, but there wasn’t any rain. I thought that was weird.

I went to Australia because it was my Aunty Taryn's wedding, so my parents made it a family trip too. Everyday, we would go out somewhere different. We went to a Pasefika Festival, where my cousins performed in the Kapa Haka group. We went to Redcliffe Beach, where they have a man-made lagoon and I swam there. We also went to Surfer’s Paradise, to visit some of my cousins that live there. But my favourite place, was when we went to Dreamworld.

Dreamworld was a place I will never forget. There was a freaky ride called The Tower of Terror. This ride scared me but I still liked it. Another freaky ride was The Motocoaster. I didn’t like it when we went really fast, so I only went on it once. There was The Shockwave, which was an awesome ride too. There was a lot of other rides that I went on, but my favourite ride was the Log Ride. This  ride is like the Log Flume at Rainbow’s End.

Next time we go to Australia, I hope that I can go to another Theme Park and maybe go to all of them, one day.