Friday, 28 September 2012

Last Day of the Term 3.

Waking up I felt so sad but excited at the same time because it was the last day of term 3. As some people now that it was the last day at school today on the 28th of September on Friday. So at some schools they will be celebrating their last day of the term by having a shared lunch or even have fun and doing your own free time.

For our class we had a pretty mixed up day because we were doing some work and having some fun two. First at school as normal we had assembly and Duffy, Sports, Lost stuff and more.

After assembly every one went back to their classes and doing their own thing. But for my class we did our normal thing we do every Friday and at the end of the term, Like filling up the conferencing doc and finishing of our work and posting it on our blog.

After all of that it was morning tea and after morning tea it was C.R.E. C.R.E is about when you talk about god and their sons and daughters and also we sing and dance a little.

Afters some people did some free time and did a little filming just for fun and also going to their net books. For freetime we cannot go on You Tube but we can go on google images and games on our net books.

The time went so fast it was lunch time. After lunch as normal we did our best people good in class and had some cake. There were two favors for the cake, Lamination and a yummy chocolate cake. The toppings for both were M&Ms.

Then we had to go to the last assembly for the term and do all the important stuff.
Today was the coolest last day because we got to have fun a little and do our work for fun. I wish i could repeat this day and do it again, But I can’t.

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