Monday, 15 October 2012

First Weekend of the Holidays going to the Movies

In the first week of the holidays, Me and my Aunt went to go and check out the new movie, Pitch Perfect. It is just like that comedy program Glee, And Just like their performing.

When we got there, we bought some popcorn, My Aunt came with some crackers and chocolate, and we got this coolest cup. It was a Hotel transylvania cup shaped like a monster. So it will have a head, body and legs. “It was so amazing”, I said.

We were in cinema six and seating in the row of L in 5 and 6 seats. When we started to sit down the movie started. So we sat down and enjoyed the movie.

My Favourite part was when they were performing and the funny parts of Fat Amy and this girl that was so quiet.

My hopes for next time are, I hope that a Pitch Perfect 2 will come out and me and my aunt can go watch it, also I hope there will be more funny parts and no boring parts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rave
I think I would like to go see this movie now as it sounds very funny.
From Mum

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