Thursday, 25 October 2012

Super Toy Makers Part

In part 2 super toy makers the kids make wind up toys and they use electricity.
Here are my answers.
1.A wind up toy is when you turn the thing at the end and it makes it go fast.  
2.They didn’t use the wind up toys because the halo on top of them was broken.
3.Her toy was losing it balance.
4.Hazel put a wood underneath it so it will balance again.
5.They didn’t want to use the diagrams they made them so that was a whole other story
6.It is a thing that goes around and makes electricity.

Friday, 19 October 2012

My Narrative

One lovely morning Emma and Holly Decided to go to the Point England Shops and buy two bottles of fizzies and some lollipops.

While Holly was trying to find her wallet to buy there stuff she realized that she forgot it. Holly said to Emma “I forgot my wallet”. “Oh no, What are we going to do now?" said Emma.

So Holly rushed back home and quickly grabbed her wallet. But then she had no money in her wallet, so she had to go to the bank and get some. When Holly got some money she hurried back to the shop and paid for their drinks and lollipops.

Then Holly and Emma brought their drinks and lollipops and had a lovely morning.

My Reading Task

The Story is about how kids are making toys using electricity to make their own toys. And they perform a puppet show.The thing special about the kids are they make their own toys they can take home and they put on a puppet show.They had to make the Bulb glow, fumbling with the wires and they thought the batteries were flat because nothing was happening. Because it was cold and foggy.Because the kids were begging her. Because it can move by themselves. They had lots of choices because there were lots of things to use.

Tidy Tens

                    Here is my maths sheet and my tidy tens Google drawing. I hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

First Weekend of the Holidays going to the Movies

In the first week of the holidays, Me and my Aunt went to go and check out the new movie, Pitch Perfect. It is just like that comedy program Glee, And Just like their performing.

When we got there, we bought some popcorn, My Aunt came with some crackers and chocolate, and we got this coolest cup. It was a Hotel transylvania cup shaped like a monster. So it will have a head, body and legs. “It was so amazing”, I said.

We were in cinema six and seating in the row of L in 5 and 6 seats. When we started to sit down the movie started. So we sat down and enjoyed the movie.

My Favourite part was when they were performing and the funny parts of Fat Amy and this girl that was so quiet.

My hopes for next time are, I hope that a Pitch Perfect 2 will come out and me and my aunt can go watch it, also I hope there will be more funny parts and no boring parts.