Monday, 31 March 2014

My Cousin's 21st Birthday!

21st Birthday
My Cousin’s Birthday
Monte Carlo Theme

Do you know what a 21st is? Well, a 21st is a celebration that some people have when they turn 21. People sometimes have a theme and people come to the party all dressed up and might look different then other people. Most of the time at a 21st people will be dancing and having a great time. That is what happens mostly at a 21st. But, this 21st was a family and friends party so people were dancing and just having fun.

At this 21st Birthday the theme was Monte Carlo. Family and friends were trying to find black and gold clothes and accessories to wear on the night. For example necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. Some people came in black and gold but other people came in white, blue, pink and even purple. Those people probably didn’t read the invitation.
Do you know what happens during a 21st? Well heres your answer. People at a 21st go to have fun and celebrate the persons birthday. As you may not know the person having this birthday is the oldest grandson in the family, so it was special. Family and friends were saying a speeches and having a laugh. Maybe if you have 21st people might even say speeches for you sometime during your party.

Empathy Animation.

Empathy - Rave Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my Empathy Movie I have created. I hope you Enjoy and have a laugh!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sports at Tamaki College!

Writing - Explanation

Every Thursday Class 2,4 and 5 have been walking down to Tamaki College for P.E. It is located in Glen Innes next to the Tamaki R.E.C Centre. We normally have tutors that take our group around and we play games all around the Tamaki College field. For example….. Chain Tag and The Blindfold Challenge. But there are a lot of other games we get to play. We have lovely wonderful tutors too.   

Why do we go down to Tamaki you ask? Well we go to Tamaki to get fit. So for example..... if we wanted to sign up for a sport we want to play. Like... netball you would already be fit and healthy . We walk to Tamaki to play new things and that is such a good exercise. It is really amazing for us to have the chance to go to Tamaki to play some sports. We are all so happy for having the opportunity to play different sports. Maybe you might go to a senior school to play new sports. I wish I could go there everyday.

Our Experience at Tamaki College has been fun. We have 7 groups that have 10 - 12 people per group. It isn’t just boys in one group and girls in the other. It is mixed. We have to participate with boys in our team and the boys have to participate with the girls in there team. In each group we have 2 - 4 tutors. Our leaders are girls and other leaders are boys. I really wanted girls to be my leaders because I like how girls don’t care if we make a mistake. They just keep on encouraging us to get back up and carry on.
At Tamaki we have tutors that take us to different sports. And some of the sports we play are...... umm so hard to choose. Oh yes high jump, chain tag, amazing race, rope jump and other sports like that. Our group did the obstacle course . We had to get with a partner and pick who is going to be blindfolded and one person to guide their partner through the course. My partner was Rave and she was blindfolded. I had to guide her through the obstacle course so she can get to the end. At the end was the scariest bit. Rave had to jump of the deck and land on a soft blue mat. But sometimes people miss the mat. It was so.. hilarious seeing Rave jump. OH man good times . Rave was so… scared jumping while she was blindfolded. But our tutors lead Rave and told her to jump. Then she jumped and all she felt was something soft and she thought it was a bed. The obstacle course was fun and hard. It was all about teamwork and trusting your very own buddy.  

Having fitness at Tamaki College is so important to me and my buddy Nikita. We get healthier and fitter by playing some of the games. It will help us to have lower cholesterol levels in the future. But really we have to go to Tamaki so we can participate in things that we like. For example….. Say I wanted to sign up for a sport like….. Touch. Then if I DO make the team. I would train my hardest and I will try my best to participate with my teammates, and I will not let my teammates and coach down.  

OH and by the way our group is called the Assassins. Just putting that out there. Our group is so amazing. And we get treats at the end of each lesson because we always treat our tutors like we love them. Our tutors told us that we are like a family like. Brothers and sisters related. The leaders lead us to do our best and they do fabulous leadership. They have to tutor us because they are practising leadership for when they grow up and become what they want to be. Most of our leaders are polynesian, Samoan and Tongan.

Do you know what happens at Tamaki College when we do P.E? I thought so. When we play sports we have to listen to our tutors and follow their instructions. Think carefully with what you say and do. And remember to participate in whatever sports you play. When you participate never give up. Always strive to the end and do the best you can. And maybe you can achieve your goals too.  And try your hardest and never give up . So...... just believe in yourself .

Friday, 21 March 2014

Adolescence Drawing

This Here is my adolescence drawing that I created. I had to type a couple of words into the boxes of some of the facts of the word on top might mean. Then we had to publish it on our blog. Like Now! So I think I have done well. I got this close so I think I am good. !!!!!! 

Thank - You Miss Clark

Old Old Memories!

Ok, This movie was made when I was like 9 years old and I was in Miss Ouano's Class. We had a vote of what we should animate the lyrics too, and most of the class voted for Swiss Blue Bayou. This is a cool and fun movie. It is very interesting and I just found it when I was just going through vimeo. And it came across my eyes. I had to click on it. Sorry I can't get the video but you can click on the link and it will take you to it.

Here is a Link to the Video.

What Happens During School? What is School?

At Our School it is all about Tiaki Taonga. If you don't know what it means it is Caring. But really at this school participation and co operation are the main words at our school. Mostly in my class we really only try to not be rude and always strive to be what you want to be. 

Every Friday at our school we always have assembly. And at assembly we have a new korero each day. Some of the korero's are about caring and respect. We always have to work hard and as I said strive. Half of the time some people are helping teachers or doing there work. 

Last year in class I was mostly Mr Somervilles Helper. I like helping people and being the best I can be. I also helped Miss Ouano when I was in her class also. I may have helped Mrs M. She is our Music Teacher. I like her because she is fun and I like that I got to help her with anything that she needed help with. 

In our school we have all sorts of teachers. We have normal teachers that teach classes. We also have office workers, social workers, assistant principal, Nice teachers, relievers etc. Some teachers even work as coaches and managers in teams. Most of the men coach rugby, touch, league and softball. Most of the ladies coach netball, sometimes touch and softball, league and maybe even teach volleyball. 

Our principal is Mr Burt a.k.a Russell. I like Mr Burt. I like how whatever we do in school Mr Burt never denies anything that the students do. Mr Burt always comes up with good ideas and thoughts to keep the school running and staying under control.

In Year 6 there are ambassadors. In Year 8 there are perfects. The ambassadors normally travel to Wellington or other countries to present our school and work. They also have to speak for our school wherever they go. The perfects normally help Mr Burt with things and the come up with the koreros that we guess at assembly. They also have to present the korero that they do. 

I am so proud that I go to Point England School. I like how it is a good school. In our school most of the students strive and work hard. But sometimes there are naughty boys or naughty girls in each class that are always bad and never work hard. They always talk when the teacher is talking, they always go on detention sometimes. I can go on and on but I won't. But half of the school is good. 

Kids at school try work hard and never give up. At our school we have a saying that is Champions Never Give Up. It means never give up always strive to get to the end. Never ever give up. Sometimes I give up but teachers say to me never give up always strive. 

Some jobs that I do at school are - 
Maybe Moo Juice Worker
Maybe Barista Worker
Sports Monitor
Maybe a Tux Shop Monitor
 Working as a light person (Tech)
Maybe in a Netball Team
Maybe in a Basketball Team
Maybe in a Volleyball Team

Some Goals - 
I want to be a perfect
I want to join heaps of things that are available.
Work better at my maths.
Make interesting movies during class time.
Never give up.
Always dream of what you want to be.
I want to be in kapa haka next year. 
Work hard on my Math Whizz,Studyladder and Xtramath. 

My Favourite Songs!

 I haven't really done this sort of post in a long time, so I am doing one. I am going to be posting my Top 7 favourite songs. Check before you scroll.

Hint - They are from this year and last year.  

Number 1 - Sammy J - Don't Say Goodbye.

Number 2 - Na Na - Trey Songs

Number 3 - Shakira ft Rihanna -  I Can't Remember

Number 4 -  Daddy Yankee - Limbo

Number 5 - Sammy J - Fall in Love

Number 6 - Minecraft Soundtrack

Number 7 - Dark Horse - Katy Perry

Cyclone Lusi.


Do you know what a Cyclone is? Well a cyclone is like a mini tornado that can be formed by wind spinning round and round. A Cyclone can cause a lot of serious damage to property. Strong gale force winds caused trees to collapse. Sometimes there can be storms unexpected and people get hurt.

During a Cyclone heaps of things happen. For example homes will be wrecked, things will be blowing everywhere, flooding, huge waves, landslides, mudslides, falling trees, damage to buildings, boat evacuations and flying debris.

In the weekend the weather was very bad. There were dark clouds, gale force wind, it was really windy and it was raining but on the bright side it wasn’t as bad as we expected. But there was some annoying sounds.
To prepare secure objects outside in case they fly around and someone gets hurt. Stay inside and keep safe. Store food and water incase you get stuck in a room.Have handy a First Aid Kit for someone that gets hurt and has nothing to keep them alright.  

The Possibilities that can happen during a Cyclone are…… power outages/cuts. Sometimes maybe even deaths/accidents. Maybe people might get food shortage & water shortages. Expensive damage on homes and gardens. And instead of going to school we have to stay home.   

Friday, 14 March 2014

Fia Fia.

This year the whole school have been practising for Fia Fia that is coming up. I am in ‘Precisely That’ and my tutors and Mr Somerville and Mr Barks. I am also in Kapa Haka. My tutor in this group is Mr G and Miss Tito. They are both Maori and they speak it a lot, as well as English.

In Precisely That we have learnt some cool actions to do. We have been moving like dominos and standing like soldiers. Our moves are really modern. Our group leaders are, well nobody. We haven't chosen any people yet, so we have none.

In my group I feel like I have some confidence to go on the stage and face the audience. Last year I was shy but this year I feel like looking up and facing the crowd. I hope we do our best and work hard. I feel happy that I joined Precisely That because I just want to try something new and creative.

My favourite memory from last year was when I got to go around and look at all the stalls. One thing I bought was this block of soap. I bought ice cream (that was melted), BBQ to eat and the last thing was a custard pie.

I really just want to hop in a car and drive up North with my family. I want to go see my papa and aunties and uncles. My papa died a couple of years ago so I want to go see him. One of my aunties own a marae and sometimes we stay there. Thats why I am proud of being in the Kapa Haka group.  

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Skills for Adolescence

For 3 weeks in the afternoon our class will be moving around and going to other classes. My class is in class 3 Room 22. We are learning about Adolescence. This word means growing up and becoming what you want to be. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Empathy Storyboard.

This is my storyboard for my empathy that I created with my friends. For our movie we were doing a breaking news channel and interviewing some people. We worked really hard and we gave it our all. 


graph of animal.pnggraph (3).jpg

Room 21 had to create bar, pie and line charts about students favourite food, sport, colour, animal and T.V show. First we had to gather information to put on our survey. Then using that information we had to create tally charts. After making tally charts we made bar graphs, pie graphs and line graphs.

The most popular sport was touch. The least popular sport was rugby. The most popular animal was dog/puppy. The least popular animal was chicken.  

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Sketchup Design

This here is my sketchup design. I created it by using shapes and lines by the help of Iisa. I decieded to create a Ipad because Eden (person I am making it for) wanted one. If you don't know what it is, it is a ipad.  

Monday, 3 March 2014

Thank You Letter

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to thank you for coming on the school picnic with Class 2. Your help meant a lot. It was so important that you came if you didn't we wouldn’t have gone, so thanks. Another thing you were good at was looking after students, safety, sports, keeping an eye out and keeping us company.

If you didn’t know what we do in assembly. We just make sure all the classes are there so we can walk down altogether as a big group. We make sure that everyone has a hat, and hand out the lists/rolls.  

My favourite memory at the picnic was playing in the sand with my friend Nikita. We built a cake made out of sand but of course it was not eatable. I also liked playing volleyball with my friends. What was your favourite memory?

Thank You For You Help!

Kind Regards!

Rave from Class 2 in Room 21!