Friday, 14 March 2014

Fia Fia.

This year the whole school have been practising for Fia Fia that is coming up. I am in ‘Precisely That’ and my tutors and Mr Somerville and Mr Barks. I am also in Kapa Haka. My tutor in this group is Mr G and Miss Tito. They are both Maori and they speak it a lot, as well as English.

In Precisely That we have learnt some cool actions to do. We have been moving like dominos and standing like soldiers. Our moves are really modern. Our group leaders are, well nobody. We haven't chosen any people yet, so we have none.

In my group I feel like I have some confidence to go on the stage and face the audience. Last year I was shy but this year I feel like looking up and facing the crowd. I hope we do our best and work hard. I feel happy that I joined Precisely That because I just want to try something new and creative.

My favourite memory from last year was when I got to go around and look at all the stalls. One thing I bought was this block of soap. I bought ice cream (that was melted), BBQ to eat and the last thing was a custard pie.

I really just want to hop in a car and drive up North with my family. I want to go see my papa and aunties and uncles. My papa died a couple of years ago so I want to go see him. One of my aunties own a marae and sometimes we stay there. Thats why I am proud of being in the Kapa Haka group.  

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