Friday, 21 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi.


Do you know what a Cyclone is? Well a cyclone is like a mini tornado that can be formed by wind spinning round and round. A Cyclone can cause a lot of serious damage to property. Strong gale force winds caused trees to collapse. Sometimes there can be storms unexpected and people get hurt.

During a Cyclone heaps of things happen. For example homes will be wrecked, things will be blowing everywhere, flooding, huge waves, landslides, mudslides, falling trees, damage to buildings, boat evacuations and flying debris.

In the weekend the weather was very bad. There were dark clouds, gale force wind, it was really windy and it was raining but on the bright side it wasn’t as bad as we expected. But there was some annoying sounds.
To prepare secure objects outside in case they fly around and someone gets hurt. Stay inside and keep safe. Store food and water incase you get stuck in a room.Have handy a First Aid Kit for someone that gets hurt and has nothing to keep them alright.  

The Possibilities that can happen during a Cyclone are…… power outages/cuts. Sometimes maybe even deaths/accidents. Maybe people might get food shortage & water shortages. Expensive damage on homes and gardens. And instead of going to school we have to stay home.   

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