Monday, 26 August 2013

In the Weekend.

In the weekend I went I was going to collect all the money that people are paying me for my sponsorship. First we went to my Aunt's and Uncles house so they can pay me but they were going to pay me next week on Wednesday. Then we were going to collect the money from my other Aunty and Uncle and they were going to pay me $40 dollars, but they were going to Tauranga so my mum just paid for them. After that I asked my Uncle from my dad's side of the family and he  was paying my $30 dollars .

Later that day we went to my Aunty's house on my mum's side of the family and she was paying me $20 dollars. So she made me go on a Treasure Hunt to find it. She gave me a clue and it was, It is wood and you can put stuff in it. So I searched and I searched and then I found it. It was in my Aunty's jewellery box.

In a couple more minutes my dad said he was going to my Aunty's house, so I was going to with him and so was my brother. My Aunty just lived around the corner, so that was good. I went to my Aunty's house and my other Aunty was there two. So I said hello to her and gave her a kiss and a huge.

Then we stayed there a while and then we went back to my Aunty's house. Then we mad a carrot cake. She got the recipe from Facebook and she decided she wanted to make a cake. So I helped her and the
cake turned out really yummy.

While it was cooling down my Aunty decided we should have dinner while the cake is cooling. So my aunty cooked he some veges and tofu, and my mum cooked so chicken and mini pies for us to eat. My brother  really loved the mini pies and so did I and my mum did too.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


This is my DLO I have created with my friends Emmy, Ramondel and Sela. We had so much fun making this movie and we hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Free Blog Writing: My Cousin's Birthday.

August the 4th was my cousin's Birthday and it was on Sunday. So my Auntie wanted to change the date to the 10th of August because it was on Saturday. On Sunday the 4th of August she still got her presents on her real birthday date, and she liked them very very much.

For her birthday she was going to have it at Rock Climbing in Panmure. My other cousin's were coming along and were climbing too. I haven't seen my other cousin's for a long time so it was good to see them. When I got there I saw my auntie and my cousin in the party area.

When I arrived all I could see was big walls filled with colours and they were themed. And of course there were rock walls to for really good climbers. After a little while there were two lady's there to help us put on our hanses on,  so we could climb the walls.

There was this cool little Adventure land that little kids could play on because the walls were to big and tall for them. I walked up stairs to the party area and went to say hello to the birthday girl and say hello to my aunties and uncles.

Once I got my hanses on I was climbing every that was able to climb. I once climbed to the top of a Purple, Yellow and Blue wall, and I climbed straight to the top. It was really scary for me because I am afraid of high places and that I was really tried. But in the end I was happy that I did it.

When we finished at rock climbing, my family and I went to my house to have lunch and to have a talk to each other. We had a lot of food, so we could have midnight snack. On that night my Auntie and my uncles were have a drink up or to call it something else catch up.

Monday, 12 August 2013

My Brother 's Birthday :-)


Today was my brother's birthday and we started of going to breakfast. My mum asked him where he wanted to go and he chose Burger King, so we were happy with that and so we went. we chose to go to Pakuranga food court and when we got there it was empty, so that was great.

After that my brother decided he wanted to go to Tenpin Bowling. it was raining when we got there, but it was okay. When we arrived no one was there and it was empty just like the food court. We went to the counter and we got our bowling shoes and started to bowl away. I was winning, then my brother was winning so it was a Challenge, but in the end I won and the score was 80 - 83.

After that we went home and we just played with his present that my dad, mum and me brought him. Later today my mum asked my brother if he was hungry and he said "Yes". So first we drove to the Cheesecake Shop and brought him a cake. We brought him a Pavlova.

Then we took the Pavlova home and drove to Highland Park and went to Denny's for dinner. When we got there, ,their was a man there, which was the host and took us to a table and we order our food. I ordered a Super burger combo, my mum got eggs benadik, my brother got Fish and Chips and my dad got a Surf and turf.

After tonight we just came home and had some pavlova. It was so so yummy I just wanted so more and more.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

My Reading Follow Up Week 2

Title: The Tortoise and the Ducks

Author: Aesop

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses): Tortoise, Chipmunk and Ducks.

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): In the park and the ducks fly with the tortoise to the sky.    

What was the problem? The tortoise didn’t go to Jupiters Wedding.

What was the solution? The tortoise decided that he wanted to fly up in the sky with a bunch of birds.  

What was the Moral of the Story? Don’t fly away with birds.

My favourite part of the story was? My favourite part of the story is when the tortoise didn’t go to the Jupiters Wedding.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo)

The Last Egg Standing.

Once Upon a time there lived a mother that laid six baby eggs. They lived in Glen Innes the year 2013. The wheat was yellow and the grass was green and the hay was soft enough to roll in. Five baby eggs hatched but there was one more left to hatch. The last egg was grey and the mother thought it was going to be a great egg anyway.

The mother went out to catch some food and when she came back to her nest she saw a little crack in her last egg left. The crack was getting bigger and bigger but thing when it cracker it had a long yellow peck, are big hairy back and has really long feathers.

The Ugly Duckling was treated really badly and and his mother spoke to him and said “Why don’t you go to those ducklings over there and see if they want to be your friend” Whispered the ducklings mother named Aran. “You would make friends if you go and find some, just saying.” Added Aran

So the duckling walked over and whispered to the other ducks and said “do you want to be friends?” but they didn’t hear him. then he spoke again “Do you want to be friends?” But he was too quiet. but then they said “ Hi, my name is Brooke, and my name is John, and my name is Eric, Do you want to friends?”, then the Duckling replied and said “Sure, I would love to be your friend”.

“Mum, I asked them and they couldn’t hear but then they told me their names and they wanted to be my friends” the Duckling said in a happy and proud voice.

So the Ugly Duckling made some friends and it turned out he wasn’t that ugly after all.

The End :-)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Math Problems

This is my math problem video that I have made this afternoon.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Hare and the Tortoise

Hello. My name is Torto, and I have a good reason for that because I am a Tortoise. I have really short legs and I have a body as a rock. I can run really really really slow and I also chew slow too. I love to eat cabbage and I have a head that looks cabbage also.  

I also love to eat grass and whatever the size it is I will still chew slowly ever large of small.  If I am runny in a race, I will always come last because I am so so so slow. I would be runny so hard but it will still look like I am walking.

I was taking a walk in the park and I saw a Hare “Hey Tortoise” Whispered the Hare “Hey Hare how are you” I replied back to him “I’m good, you know I am so fast I am like Usain Bolt” said the Hare “Really when you go fast you don’t see where you're going and you run into a tree” Said the Tortoise in a loud voice and “I can live up to 100 years” added on the Tortoise.
One Day there was a sign on the side of the road and it said “Come join us to have a little race in the park on Tuesday the 23rd - Wednesday the 24th, So come join us.” So I Challenged the Hare to a race. I said “I can beat you and you can’t beat me.” “Really” replied the Hare “Yes” said the Tortoise.

Later that day was the race and I was so so excited that I was going to win. I was warming up my legs and doing some warm up skills. Then the speaker buzzed off and said “All racers to the starting line”. I started off really really slow but then all the racers were slowing down even the Hare. So I had a good chance of winning. I was coming first and I was going as fast as I could and then I WON!!!.

I was so excited that i won the race and I got the gold medal. I was happy but I was sad at the same time. I saw the Hare walk home. After all the excitement I decided that had to go see if the hare is alright. “ Are you alright Hare” said the tortoise in a sad voice, ‘Yeah” I’m ok” replied the Hare in a sad voice too. ‘Ok, I was just making sure”.

So in the End the Hare was happy and the Tortoise went home with his gold medal.

THE END!!!! :-)

Weekend Story.


On Saturday I went to The Flying Moa bar and Restaurant for one of my Aunties friends birthday. On that night me and my brother were waiting for my aunty to pick us up. Bye the time they got to my house i had a surprise waiting behind my Aunty. It was my cousin,Kauri. My brother and I were not sure he was coming but it was so good to see him, we gave him a big huge and a really good Smile. 

We drove to The Flying Moa and it was so so full of people. People were watching the league game with Warriors and Sharks and people were having a drink up with their friends. When we arrived my aunty saw he friend and he was sitting next to the Birthday boy and so we sat there too. 

We wanted to get some food to eat and also some drinks to drink, so my Aunty got a menu and we saw what we wanted to eat. For our drinks we all got milkshakes. My Aunty got and Strawberry milkshake and my cousin, brother and I got a chocolate milkshake. 

My Brother ordered Nuggets and Chips, my cousin got Fish and Chips, and I got a C.A.B burger which is Chicken and bacon burger. My Aunty ordered a Vege burger and garlic bread because she is a Vegetarian. When our milkshakes came they were in old in days milk glasses and they we so cool. 

Our food came and we were starting to get hungry. My burger was so yummy and so was the garlic bread. My cousin and my brother loved they food to. My Aunty loved he burger but she didn't eat all of it. So we told the waitress to but our left over food in containers to take it home to eat for later. 

And here is the yummy part we got to order dessert. So I went to go and get a Dessert menu and we had a look. They were $11.00 dollars each and my Aunty said "Should we just go home and have a
Churchie Ice-Cream instead and we all said yes. 

Then sadly it was time to leave but we all had a good time though. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Reading Follow Up.

Title: Wolf Fables

Author: Pie Corbett and Aesop

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses): Shepherd, Flock, Wolf.

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): This story was set outside and in the forest and in a farm.  

What was the problem? The problem was the wolf was trying to eat the sheep but then the Shepherd found out the wolf was pretend to be a sheep.

What was the solution? The Solution is that the fox came with a bad plan and the Shepherd was hungry and he wanted the skinniest sheep of all of them.   

What was the Moral of the Story? Don’t be something you are not.

My favourite part of the story was? in the end when the wolf got caught not being a sheep and the Shepherd figured out that the wolf was pretend to be a sheep.   

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo Paint)