Monday, 12 August 2013

My Brother 's Birthday :-)


Today was my brother's birthday and we started of going to breakfast. My mum asked him where he wanted to go and he chose Burger King, so we were happy with that and so we went. we chose to go to Pakuranga food court and when we got there it was empty, so that was great.

After that my brother decided he wanted to go to Tenpin Bowling. it was raining when we got there, but it was okay. When we arrived no one was there and it was empty just like the food court. We went to the counter and we got our bowling shoes and started to bowl away. I was winning, then my brother was winning so it was a Challenge, but in the end I won and the score was 80 - 83.

After that we went home and we just played with his present that my dad, mum and me brought him. Later today my mum asked my brother if he was hungry and he said "Yes". So first we drove to the Cheesecake Shop and brought him a cake. We brought him a Pavlova.

Then we took the Pavlova home and drove to Highland Park and went to Denny's for dinner. When we got there, ,their was a man there, which was the host and took us to a table and we order our food. I ordered a Super burger combo, my mum got eggs benadik, my brother got Fish and Chips and my dad got a Surf and turf.

After tonight we just came home and had some pavlova. It was so so yummy I just wanted so more and more.


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