Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ta Kilikiki and Kilikiti (Cricket) Presentation!

This is Nikitas and I's Presentation about "Ta Kilikiki and Kililiti. I hope you Enjoy! :)

Modifed Verison of Ta Kilikiki and Kilikiti!

This here is a movie that my friend (Nikita) and I have created. It is our Modifed version of our Unique sport which is Ta Kilikiki and Kilikiti. Hope you Enjoy!! :) 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Election 2014!

With another year of voting, National has won again. September the 20th 2014 was the day the New Zealanders went to vote for the general election. John Key is our National leader and David Cunliffe is the Labour party leader, just in case you didn’t know that already.

People all over our country which is New Zealand, has been voting for either national or the labour party. Labour have been trying to win the party but, national are just too good and they have now won 3 years in a row.

This year I wanted labour to win (i’m not saying I wanted National to win previous years). I think they needed to win for once because they haven’t won in a while. Labour is getting most of the votes and the opportunity to win, but sadly national won.

Overall, National won. I really think labour deserved to win but they didn’t. National just have much more voters than labour does. I would be really happy if labour just wins for once and national lose. I’m not trying to be mean to national.   

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Cross Country 2014!

Hook: I was so nervous. My stomach was filled with butterflies.

Thursday 11th of September was the day that Cross Country was held. Every year there is a cross country and it is held on the school field. Do you know what cross country is? Well, cross country is the day that the whole school comes together and we run long distances.

In every cross country, there are house captains. Not a real house, and are they captains? No. The house captains for our house colours are: Te Arawa (red), Tainu (blue), Mataatua (green), and Takitimu (yellow).
Students were running in years 1 to 8 boys and girls. At the starting line Mr Burt (our principal) was the one that started us off. Mr Burt prepares the clappers, “Ready, set, go!” and the year 1 boys were off and cross country had begun.  

At the beginning of the race I sprinted, but once I got out of the gate, I just jogged and walked. In the middle of the race I was getting so tired and thirsty, but I just had to keep on going, and never give up. When I was running, I was running with my friend Anisha. Anisha and I just kept on persevering and we didn’t give up. We just had to last the full 2 laps.

On the course, teachers and helpers were standing at different points to direct us students towards the way that we had to run. Teachers were encouraging us to persevere and to just keep on running.

At the end of the race I was so tired and so thirsty. When I crossed the finish line the crowd was cheering on for me. Then, I was told that I could get a drink of water at the ‘Water Station’. When I arrived at the water station, I got a drink of water, and I didn’t feel thirsty anymore. I felt much cooler especially with the hot sun above me.

At the end of everything and everyone finished running around the course, all of the students assembled together on the hard courts. The house captains had to do their team chants, and Mr Burt said a karakia. My house is Takitimu, in case you didn’t know that already. After all of that was done all of the students could go back to class.   

Overall, I think cross country was a good thing to do to get fit. Every year cross country is held and I look forward to it every year. If you didn’t know this whole sporting event was all organised by Ms Vaafusuaga our sports coordinator. She organised everything with a little help from students.   

Friday, 12 September 2014

G.R.L Girl Group!

G.R.L is a girl group that has been together for almost 2 years. G.R.L is an american, british and canadian girl group. The group was formed by Robin Antin and managed by Larry Rudolph. In G.R.L there are 5 members in the group, Simone Battle, Lauren Bennett, Emmalyn Estrada, Natasha Slayton and Paula Van Oppen.

All of the girls in the group auditioned for X Factor Britain as single’s and were formed as a group at boot camp. There mentor on X Factor was Simon Cowell and lead them to great success. Sadly, G.R.L didn’t win X Factor but Simon Cowell helped the girls out to launch music albums and tracks. 

The girls have a heap of songs on their new album. Including their top hit ' Ugly Heart'.  

G.R.L’s music has been in one movie and that is The Smurfs 2. G.R.L has a new album out and it is called ‘G.R.L’. The name of their group of course. In 2011 G.R.L’s coach was holding auditions to replace the old members of the ‘Pussycat Dolls’. The girls made it in and they made their first debut on February 5, 2012.

Simone Battle just recently passed away. She was really young and she will be dearly missed. The remaining girls in the group say that they are going to continue singing for Simone. That was really sad news for the girls that are in G.R.L but they will still continue singing.

This concludes this piece of writing about G.R.L for today!

Samoan Netball Trials!

Recently I have been trialing for the Samoa Netball team. There have been 6 trials that have been held and I have attended all of them. Over 30 girls came to the trials and I bet people that are choosing the girls for the team will be really hard.

I have been doing my best and trying my hardest to make it into this team. If I do make it into this team I will be competing in a Samoan Netball Tournament. The tournament is in October and we will be training up to the day.

On tuesday the 9th I got some very exciting news. I found out that I made it into a team, Yay! I am really glad that I made it into a team. I just hope that other good players make it into a team as well.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Biking Animation

Here is a movie that I have created on Imovie. I used Hyperstudio to draw and I used Imovie to created and edit. I hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment if you did! 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Argument about Plastic Bags.

Date: Monday 1st September 2014

Dear Prime Minister John Key,  

I would like to make a complaint to reduce the amount of plastic that is in the Pacific Ocean and in our country. Plastic isn’t good for our oceans. It is killing animals in the sea and it is really bad for the earth. Fish and birds are choking on rubbish because they think it is there food, but it isn’t.   

At Pak n Save, and other shopping outlets like The Warehouse, they are starting to charge people 10c for plastic bags. This is good because it helps reduce the amount of plastic bags that are being used. However, too many plastic bags are ending up in the dump or in our oceans.
News reporters say that supermarkets and outlets might start to ban plastic bags because they are going to waste and not getting recycled. 30 countries have already banned plastic bags and I think New Zealand should be the 31st country to have done that.  

New Zealand a.k.a Aotearoa is known for our green plants and our clean oceans, but at the moment our ocean isn’t looking that great. NZ uses 1 billion plastic bags per year. So, plastic bags should be banned or people need to get charged more for it.

Plastic bags should be banned because there are too many going to the dump and being wasted. If not banned, charged more than 10c or 60c at least. So Mr Key, can you please ban plastic bags? Please listen to my argument.

Yours Sincerely

Point England School

Monday, 1 September 2014