Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Argument about Plastic Bags.

Date: Monday 1st September 2014

Dear Prime Minister John Key,  

I would like to make a complaint to reduce the amount of plastic that is in the Pacific Ocean and in our country. Plastic isn’t good for our oceans. It is killing animals in the sea and it is really bad for the earth. Fish and birds are choking on rubbish because they think it is there food, but it isn’t.   

At Pak n Save, and other shopping outlets like The Warehouse, they are starting to charge people 10c for plastic bags. This is good because it helps reduce the amount of plastic bags that are being used. However, too many plastic bags are ending up in the dump or in our oceans.
News reporters say that supermarkets and outlets might start to ban plastic bags because they are going to waste and not getting recycled. 30 countries have already banned plastic bags and I think New Zealand should be the 31st country to have done that.  

New Zealand a.k.a Aotearoa is known for our green plants and our clean oceans, but at the moment our ocean isn’t looking that great. NZ uses 1 billion plastic bags per year. So, plastic bags should be banned or people need to get charged more for it.

Plastic bags should be banned because there are too many going to the dump and being wasted. If not banned, charged more than 10c or 60c at least. So Mr Key, can you please ban plastic bags? Please listen to my argument.

Yours Sincerely

Point England School

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Maura Hutson said...

My name is Maura, I am in the class edm310 at University of South Alabama. I agree with you on their is way too much trash in the ocean. It makes me very upset when I see trash all in the waters. That is a great idea to make people pay for the plastic bags. I wonder if they will ever ban plastic bags in the United States?

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