Friday, 31 October 2014

Year 7 Trip To The Auckland Museum!

Hook: Recently the year 7s went to the Auckland Museum. The piece of writing is going to be telling you about our experience.

Intro: Most people when they go to the museum they can usually find different types of objects that are very very old. Maybe 54 years old, maybe even more. You can discover different sculptures and carvings that are from 1980 maybe the 1890s to.

P.1: Did you know that the Auckland Museum has been in Auckland since 1929. The museum is a touchstone that is a remembrance for families and tourists that visit the museum.

P.2: At the museum there are different types of art galleries there. There is pacific art, maori art, asian art and many many more. In the galleries there are different types of art. For example carvings, harakeke bags, waka canoes, tivaevae and many different other art.

P.3: At the museum we go to experience things that we never got to see before. We got see things that are from different countrys in the world. Countries like Asia, China, Samoa, Tonga and many many more.

P.4: In the pacific gallery there are different sections that you could go to. There is art from countries in the pacific side. In the gallery there was a Cook island section, Samoan section and even a tongan section. Mostly all of the pacific countries had a section that anyone could go to. 

I like this picture because it is a nice view of the museum and there is people in it as well. And the water fountain.

I like this photo because it is a samoan tapa. It also has patterns a different colours on it. A tapa is what samoan people make to sit on and to give to people as a gift.

I like this picture because it is a canoe that is sailing at sea. It is a canoe that is very old. This is a type of canoe that people used in the olden days.

I like this photo because it is a Maori carving. I like maori carvings especially because I am Maori. 

I like this picture because it is a sculpture that is outside of the museum. I is a interesting master piece. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Why do we need to sleep?

P1 - Why we need to sleep?
P2 - Why is it important to sleep?
P3 - Amount of time you need to sleep.

Do you know why we need to sleep? Well, if you don’t here is a piece of writing that will tell you why it is important to sleep.

Students like us need to sleep because it is good for your health. Sleeping is a very good thing to do when you are feeling tired. If you don’t get a decent amount of sleep you might feel grumpy and might feel like you just went to sleep for 1 or 2 hours.

It is important to sleep because you body needs to be fueled up for a whole new day. It is good to have a rest before another day because it can really help your energy level be high not low.

8 - 10 hours is a decent amount of time that children need to sleep. Like an average teenager having a busy day, trials for baseball, looking after your pets and other activities. Your body needs to rest after all that hard work you have done.

Sleeping is really good to do when you have a busy day ahead of you. You might have a basket ball tournament that next day and if you don’t have enough sleep, you wouldn’t be playing a high standard.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 4!

On Monday the 13th of October, Point England school had immersion assembly in our school hall. If you don’t know what immersion assembly is? Well, immersion assembly is what our school has at the beginning of a new term. This term our topic is Art Attack!

First, to perform an item was team 1. Their theme is all about going to the beach/river and discovering environmental objects. Team 1 teachers got up on stage and did a little act and were pretending like they were at the beach.

After team 1 was team 2. Their theme is about primary and secondary colours. Mr Jacobson then played a movie and it was about blue, yellow and red colours. When it finished the teachers got up on stage dressed as primary colours.

Guess whos next? Team 3. As for this term their theme is about different types of artists. For example Da Vinci and Andy Warhol. So, team 3 is going to be learning about different painting artists.

Second to last to perform was team 4. Their theme is also about different types of artists like Fatu Feu’u, Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet. Mrs Garden was interviewing teachers (pretending to be the artist) about their art. At the end of the interviews Mrs Garden said to the crowed that we had to vote by clapping.

To finished off immersion assembly was team 5 . Their theme is all about different types of art. Mr Jacobson played a speed painting movie (which was 4 minutes long) while the teachers were painting. First, the teachers sketched and then painted over the outline. The teachers painted Mr Burt, Mrs Jarman and Mr Jacobson.

At the end of the day immersion assembly is a good way to start a new term. As I said of theme is Art Attack! So, that means this year we are going to be focusing on different artists and types of paintings.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Family Day!

Today is the day that my family and I was supposed to go out for a family day but, it ended up raining. So, that ruined our whole day because we were going to go swimming. We ended up going for a drive around in the rain and we just wondered when it was going to stop.


After our drive we decided to come back home because the weather was terrible. Then, the rain did stop so then we went back out for another drive but, then it started raining again :(. So, we just went to get something to eat at the Point England Bakery then, went to the DVD store. We just wanted to relax at home because it was raining and it was really windy. 

When we got home, we decided to watch the movies. We bought 6 movies for $20. Right now, I am watching Last Vegas the movie and just writing a post. Have a great Day.!