Saturday, 4 October 2014

Family Day!

Today is the day that my family and I was supposed to go out for a family day but, it ended up raining. So, that ruined our whole day because we were going to go swimming. We ended up going for a drive around in the rain and we just wondered when it was going to stop.


After our drive we decided to come back home because the weather was terrible. Then, the rain did stop so then we went back out for another drive but, then it started raining again :(. So, we just went to get something to eat at the Point England Bakery then, went to the DVD store. We just wanted to relax at home because it was raining and it was really windy. 

When we got home, we decided to watch the movies. We bought 6 movies for $20. Right now, I am watching Last Vegas the movie and just writing a post. Have a great Day.!  

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