Friday, 4 January 2013

My Family Having a first 2013 BBQ.

On Wednesday 2nd of January my mum, dad, baby brother and I decided that we will clean up our old BBQ and have a BBQ. So my mum and dad grabbed a bucket  of water and soap and a rag. Then my dad and mum were outside with my baby brother and they we scrubbing away like mad.

When the BBQ was all clean my dad said to my mum "Should we have a BBQ. I will go down to the shops to get some patties and lamb chops. So my dad hopped in the car and drove to the shop to get some meat.

While my dad was out shopping my, brother and I decided that we wanted  to have a swim in our new pool we got from our mum and dad. My brother and I quickly got our togs and hopped in the pool.

When my dad got back home with the meat he quickly put it on the BBQ. He fried the lamb chops and then the patties. Then when I went outside I said to my dad "Can I help?" and then I went to go and get another pair of tongs.

When my mum finished making the potato salad and my dad and I finished cooking the meat, it was time to eat.