Friday, 28 June 2013

Math Whizz

For my school life I have been using this math tools called Math Whizz. It helps me to do some subtraction problems, addition problems, division problems and even multiplication problems. MATH WHIZZ.

Above is a link to what I have been using.


R- Remember Eyes and Ears
E-  Eyes and Ears
S- Speed
P- Posture 
E- Everyone
C- Co Operating
T- Together.

So This is what RESPECT! Means at my school. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Mariah Carey ft Miguel Beautiful.

As you all know i bet you have seen that new song called Beautiful that is sang by Mariah Carey and Miguel. I think they have sang this song pretty well and there vocals are just right. Please leave me some nice feedback and please make sure you click on the link to learn the lyrics.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Difference Between Emperor Penguins and Adelie Penguins.

This is my VENN diagram I have created using Google Drawing. I learn from this and please leave me some feedback. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Free Blog Writing: It Happened.

Yesterday it was my cousin's birthday and it was so so wonderful. For breakfast we had cake but we also had some normal breakfast two like Eggs and hash browns. While we were waiting to go my cousin's and I were playing on the Xbox, we were playing Halo 4.

 When everyone was ready to go to Laser strike we all hopped into the car. We were going to the laser strike in Panmure next to tenpin bowling, but when we got there my aunty realised that we were at the wrong place. We were booked at mega zone that is behind Sylvia park. So we just drove around the corner and we were there.

 When we got inside we saw the arcade and we some Bum pa cars and the bungy wall. Bye the time we were to late to get there but lucky for us the counter man let us go through. We had a game of laser tag and I have to say I got shot like how many times but I still did good shots to the other teams. After we had about 15 minutes to play we went on the bum pa cars.

 It was so funny because I kept on  CRASHING!!! and my cousin was pushing my car over to the side. After we drove the cars my cousin and I said we wanted to go on them again. Next we were going to experience laser strike again. This time I was pretty good at it and I didn't get shot to many times. When we finished laser strike and Bum pa cars we went to Fortuna Restaurant. When I arrived I saw a teacher that teach's here at my school, her name is Miss Lagitupu and I also so a kid that is in Room 18 and his name is Stevenson.

After we all finished eating Fortuna brang out a cake for the birthday boy and  we sang happy birthday for him.  

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Welcome Back Mr S.

Yay Mr S (Mr Somerville) is back and I am glad. Before Mr S came back we had a reliever. Our reliever was Mr Kateley. He is from England and he is British. Mr S was gone because his grandma died and our class was all sad. So for three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Mr Kateley was teaching us. Welcome Back Mr S.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Favourite Things.

Mc D's

Rippa Rugby

Apple Juice


Ice Cream Flavour:

Subject in School:

Learning Tool at School:
Math Whizz
Xtra Math

Procedural Writing 2

How to Score a Try in Rugby.
List of Materials
  • Rugby Ball
  • Rugby Field
  • Try Line
  • People
  • Cones/For the outline

  1. Get the ball
  2. Run to the try line
  3. Put the ball down
  4. Score a Try.

How to make a goal in netball.

  • List of Materials
  • Netball Court
  • Netball ball
  • Coach
  • Netball Goal.

  1. Pass the ball around.
  2. Try get it down to the goal.
  3. Intercept the ball
  4. Pass the ball to the goal shooter
  5. Goal shooter pushes it into the goal.

Procedural Writing

How to stand on a chair

  • List of Materials
  • Chair
  • Person
  • Brain
  • Ground

  1. Get a Chair
  2. Put your hand on the chair
  3. Choose what foot you are going to put on the chair.
  4. Transfer weight onto the leg that you are not using to put on the chair.
  5. Put your leg up and place it on the chair.
  6. Push yourself up onto the chair.
  7. Put both feet on the chair.
  8. Put one foot on the ground.
  9. Then put the other foot on ground.
  10. Then take your hand off the chair.
  11. sit down on the floor.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Dragon Machine: Summarising

On a Rainy day George noticed some dragons. George had a dream and it was about the dragons he noticed about. The dragons were everywhere and george was losing it.  George was so losing it he was unnoticed. He went to the library and then here noticed that dragons were following him, The dragons were making a mess and breaking stuff. George and the dragons went for a walk and then the dragons didn’t noticed that they fell on the telephone wire. George wanted to make a dragon machine so the dragons can follow him. It would feel like the dragon machine is the mother of the other dragons. He Imagined how it would be if he had dragons living with him and he thought it was not a great idea. George went missing and no one could find him. But then they did find him and they made him a cake and they brought George a present, it was a dog. But was it really a dog??........

Monday, 17 June 2013

Retelling: Penguin Walkers (My Reading book)

Penguin Walkers book is about penguins and how they walk. Penguins walk well they don't really walk they just put their legs up and move to the left and right. And from this book I think I have learned heaps of things from it. Like there is a thing called colony penguins and I didn't even know that. Down below is just a little information from the book.

There is a girl standing high on a cliff while thee adelie penguins were building there nest and getting ready for summer.

When the Adelie Penguin walked so long and so far the girl knew that they were from the cold ocean.

Maori With Whaere Raewyn.

This is my presentation I have created about Moari. I hope you have a good read and please leave me some feedback.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

People Gone on X Factor :(

Sadly on x factor the people that have been gone are Eden Roberts, Taye Williams, L.O.V.E, Maaka Fiso and Fletcher Mills. They all went home and I think that L.O.V.E and Maaka Fiso shouldn't of went home. But watch x factor on Sundays 7:00 and Mondays 8:00.

Having Minecraft at School.

Since Friday last week my class has been using Mine-craft as a learning tool at school My teacher says that this game can helps us to build stuff. Ever since we started using mine-craft everybody was so glad that we were using this. But before we started using this tool other students in my class have already been playing it so the people that are experts at it were teaching the dummies at it.

Market in GI.

Every Sunday there is a Market on at the AMI Netball counts car park. They sell all sorts of things. They sell food, clothes, Bread, Baked goods and every phone covers. Today I went to the market I went with my mum and we went ti have breakfast and get some fruit and veges. First we got some oranges and then we got some greens like Sliver Beat and broccoli and we also got some onions. After all of this me and my mum were feeling a bit hungry. I got me some kebabs and my mum got her a Steak and Cheese pie from the bakery when we were heading home.

Little Mix

This is just a little thing I created in my spare time. I used Pizap to create this and I hope you enjoy. Please leave me some feedback of what you think.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hershey's Pie.

"Should we go get something to have for dessert" my mum said, "Sure, We should have a Hershey's Pie from burger king" I replied in a soft voice. Then off we went. When me, my mum and brother was going to burger king after that we were dropping off my dad to a 21st Birthday for a friends son birthday. When we got to burger king the line in there was not that long so we were lucky. We order 3 Hershey pies for my mum, brother and me. After we order all of the things we wanted we went back to the car and ate our food while we  were dropping off my dad.

Thank you for reading my story of what I did tonight. I hope you leave me some nice feedback .  

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Antarctic Movie

This is Just a little movie I made on room 14. This is about Antarctica (Our topic for this term). I hope you enjoy and please leave me some feedback. It has no voice over in it but there is text that will tell you some information.

Difference Between Adelie Penguins and Emperor Penguins.

This Above is what is different between a Adelie Penguin and a Emperor Penguin. i hope you Enjoy and this give heaps of Information. Please Leave me some feedback. :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Having a Little Brother.

Having a little brother, oh what can I think of. Sometimes they are loving but sometimes they are so annoying. But you will always love them forever in your life. But he smells nice and he is really loving and he has big jujus, so that is funny to.

Google Filming.

Last week we had people from google come to our school. On Friday last week some of our students performed for them. Check out the video above.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Free Blog Writing: New Update All About Me.

Well I am still 10 Years of Age

Me and My Friend Quasia are in The same class.
My Teacher is Now Mr Somerivlle not Miss Ouano :(.
I always have a netball game on Tuesdays.
I have netball Trainings on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week.


Monday, 10 June 2013

Teacher Tools : Flash Cards.

Well I have been doing some addition facts and Multiplication facts on this thing called Teacher Tools : Flash Cards. This helps you to learn all of your facts that you do in maths at school and it gives you something to do if you have nothing to do. (But just to say if you are not good at maths you can go to this websites)

If you do not know how to work Flash cards (But I bet you will). All you have to do is pick what you want to work on and then push start next to the timer. The timer is the time you have to finish the most questions you can do in a Minute. Which is 60 seconds.

Here is a link to Teacher Tools

Costume Party.

Next Month my mum and dad are going to be having a costume party. They have to dress up with something
beginning with the letter of there name. My dad is going as Harry Potter because his name begins with a H and my mum is going as the New York Yankees Baseball team.

If I went to a costume party and I have to dress up with something beginning with my name I can dress as Red Riding Hod, Rugby player, Rabbit and Rapunzel. And my brother can go as a Samoan and star wars (that is all I can think of). 
Please Comment down below if you have been to a Costume party and please leave me some feedback.  

Drawing Competition

For this Competition I have to draw a fiary, Pirate and Penguin. The most hardest to draw was the fiary. Now down below are my drawings. Please leave me a comment and see you soon again.:)

My Cousin's Birthday

As you all know it is June and in June is my Cousin's Birthday. His birthday is next weekend and he is turning 9 years old, And I think he is pretty excited. He wants to go to Mini Golf and Tenpin Bowling and then we will all have lunch at the Fortuna Restaurant.

Every birthday my cousin has had me and my family have been to them. One time he had his birthday at Big Ups. Big Ups is a place that has big stuff. They have a rolling ball that you can go in and they push you. So that is fun.

We are going to be having lunch at the sky city. And then I think that we are going to go to the birthday boys house later in the day and have a catch up and open his presents. Maybe after he opens his presents he might play xbox and play Minecraft or Skate3.

Thank you for Reading my blog post. Please leave me some feedback. And please check out my other post I have done. :)

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Today I am having a family dinner at my uncles house. We having it for a little catching up time. Anyway for this whole time including before dinner and after dinner my uncle, cousin and other cousins have been playing MINECRAFT!! They are playing it like they are attached to it. They are playing it on an xbox and his house and they are so connected to it. It looks so freaky.

Friday, 7 June 2013

40 hour Famine

What do i think about 40 hour famine, well I think it is pretty awesome. I think i like it because my school is having a 20 hour famine. My school do 20 hour famine every time when 40 hour famine is on and they join one of the colours of the teams like Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. For my vote I go for Team blue. I am voting for team blue because one of my friends are part of it and in 40 hour famine Frankie for shortland street is part of it and a netball player, so that is why. go hard out for hungry teams and please make sure you
vote for your team. BYE:):) 

Georgie Pie.

Tonight I just ate this thing that just came out, GEORGIE PIE!! I thought it was really delicious and I think it had really good texture. It was my first time tasting it and I thought it was really good. I hope next time I can go get it again sometime and eat it with my family again also.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Free Blog Writing. (Family Dinner)

This weekend coming up me and my family are going to be having a family dinner. We are having it at my Aunts and Uncles house. The people that are coming are my other aunts, cousins, uncles, mum, dad and my little brother named Suade. I don't know why we are having this diiner, but i think we are because we haven't seen each other for a very long time.

I don't know what we are going to eat, but if I think about it for a second we might be having pork chops, mashed potatoes and carrots, cheese sauce and maybe even sliver beat, mixed veges and a nice pudding. For pudding I bet we are going to be having cake, ice cream, chocolate sauce and to top it of SPRINKLES!!

When we are going to the dinner I am staying at my other Aunts house. She lives in Maurewa and she has two dogs named Schuto and Shieckh. Shieckh is 6 years of age and Schuto is about 1 years old, so she is really young but not that tiny any more. Sometimes every weekend we go two her house so we have so much fun, oh and she also goes to soccer so me and my brother go there two so that is fun to.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Week 4 DLO C & R

This is my movie that I made with Christian and Keis. We put heaps ofwork into this and we were so proud to make this movie. I made this for my Week 4 DLO (Digital Learning Object) which is part of my work. I hope you Enjoy and please leave me some feedback.


Hello everybody and my name is Jake. I am 20 years of age and I am a scientist. I love to investigate new things and tell people about what I do. Tomorrow I will be going to Antarctica to investigate what animals live there and what they do. In Antarctica I will be taking core samples of the ice, Wish me luck.

Now I am in Antarctica and it is freezing. I am wearing so much layers on me and I still feel cold.  I am wearing nice warm boots though, so they keep me warm. I will have to get my tools out and try get into the ice. The ice was really hard to get through, but I got through in sometime.   

While I was digging into the ice I saw someone walking towards me. I thought it was a Penguin, Leopard seal or even a polar bear, but guess what it was a KILLER WHALE!! Oh my god I was so in shock.I Thought the male or female was going to eat me, but that moment somebody was walking towards me and the whale. All that person did was come up to the killer whale and punch it. It was so hard the killer whale went back into the water.

“Thank you for saving me” I said in a shaking voice, “No problem” he replied. “What’s your name” I said, and he said “my name is Dan the EXPLORER. “ Why is EXPLORER at the end of your name” I shouted “ it is because am a explorer”. “WHAT why didn’t you tell me, why don’t me and you investigate antarctica together?”. “Sure lets go”.

And for normal there goes another happy ending. Thank you for reading my writing and please leave me some nice and respectful feedback. Bye. Please scroll down for more.