Monday, 24 June 2013

Free Blog Writing: It Happened.

Yesterday it was my cousin's birthday and it was so so wonderful. For breakfast we had cake but we also had some normal breakfast two like Eggs and hash browns. While we were waiting to go my cousin's and I were playing on the Xbox, we were playing Halo 4.

 When everyone was ready to go to Laser strike we all hopped into the car. We were going to the laser strike in Panmure next to tenpin bowling, but when we got there my aunty realised that we were at the wrong place. We were booked at mega zone that is behind Sylvia park. So we just drove around the corner and we were there.

 When we got inside we saw the arcade and we some Bum pa cars and the bungy wall. Bye the time we were to late to get there but lucky for us the counter man let us go through. We had a game of laser tag and I have to say I got shot like how many times but I still did good shots to the other teams. After we had about 15 minutes to play we went on the bum pa cars.

 It was so funny because I kept on  CRASHING!!! and my cousin was pushing my car over to the side. After we drove the cars my cousin and I said we wanted to go on them again. Next we were going to experience laser strike again. This time I was pretty good at it and I didn't get shot to many times. When we finished laser strike and Bum pa cars we went to Fortuna Restaurant. When I arrived I saw a teacher that teach's here at my school, her name is Miss Lagitupu and I also so a kid that is in Room 18 and his name is Stevenson.

After we all finished eating Fortuna brang out a cake for the birthday boy and  we sang happy birthday for him.  

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