Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Dragon Machine: Summarising

On a Rainy day George noticed some dragons. George had a dream and it was about the dragons he noticed about. The dragons were everywhere and george was losing it.  George was so losing it he was unnoticed. He went to the library and then here noticed that dragons were following him, The dragons were making a mess and breaking stuff. George and the dragons went for a walk and then the dragons didn’t noticed that they fell on the telephone wire. George wanted to make a dragon machine so the dragons can follow him. It would feel like the dragon machine is the mother of the other dragons. He Imagined how it would be if he had dragons living with him and he thought it was not a great idea. George went missing and no one could find him. But then they did find him and they made him a cake and they brought George a present, it was a dog. But was it really a dog??........

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