Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Best Buddy - Nikita

At School, I have a best friend named Nikita. Nikita and I always hang out together. We either play handball with our friends or just talk and play hand games. Nikita and I first became friends this year.

Nikita is my best friend in class. I also have other friends as well. They are my best friends but Nikita is the closest to me. My other friends are Jordan, Iisa, Helen and Leila.

When we first started school I never knew Nikita, but now Nikita and I are best friends. We normally just sat in front of each other and weren’t talking to each other but now, we do.

I think Nikita is one of my best friends in my class. We always talk to each other and never be mad at each other. We maybe do, but only sometimes.  

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Weekend!

To end off a great week at school, our class got to play sports outside again. We played ball tiggy. First, the boys were getting the girls. Then, we swapped.

Later that day, I went to a birthday party at Lollypop land. If you want to find out what happened. Read the post before this one.

On Saturday, I was going to my aunt's house for 2 days. On Saturday, we were going to a Christmas party at my aunt’s friends house with my aunt and cousin. First we went to Kmart to get gifts for secret santa. Then we went to dunkin Donuts.

When that was done, we went home to eat the donuts and wrap the presents. The gifts were for 2 big kids and 1 little kid. Once everything was done, we went to countdown to get food for the party. My aunty was making cheese cob and she also bought a cooked chicken.

After countdown, it was time to go to the party. When we arrived there were a flot of kids and adults. While we were there, the adults were preparing lunch and the kids were just playing.

Outside was a big deck. Everyone was sitting there while they were eating. The owners of the house also made punch for everyone to drink. But they had a bucket filled with ice and drinks.

Next, it was time for secret santa. My aunt’s friends boyfriend dressed up as santa and pretending to be him. Everyone knew it wasn’t the real santa, but…. When santa called out my name and my cousin and brother, we knew that we were getting a present.

When I opened my present I received a variety of presents. I got a toy that spills around, a flexible face, jelly and a colourful snowman. I liked my presents. Sadly, santa had to leave and the kids just carried on playing and having fun.

Sadly, we had to go around about the time 7.00pm because we had to go to my aunt’s job. She was going there because she had to project to do with her team.

Once we arrived at her job, it was about 8.00pm. While my aunt was working, my cousin and I were either playing pool, table tennis or foosball. We had a lot of fun. When My aunt finished working it was 12.30 in the morning. Everyone was getting tired and just wanted to sleep.

When we arrived at home it was 5 to 1 in the morning. We all just wanted to sleep. We didn’t end up  going to sleep till 2am. We all just wanted to have a sleep in the next morning.

On Sunday, I woke up at 11.30 and so did my cousin. My brother and aunt woke up earlier than that. My aunt said that we were going to relax. We did and we were all still in our pjs till we had to go home.  

Happy Birthday Tumaia!

Today, at 5.00pm is my cousins birthday. My cousin is turning 1 years old and he is celebrating his birthday at Lollypop land or Chipmunks. Knowing that I am 11 years of age, I am not going to play on playland, I am just going to be supervising my brother.

We haven’t gone yet but I will tell you the experience later.

When I arrived at Lollypop land, there were children playing everywhere. There was also my aunty and uncle there as well. The parents of the birthday boy. Incase you didn’t know, it was my cousin Tumaia’s Birthday.

After a little while at the playland, the parents had set up that tables and food and the kids were just playing. At the playland was a Ball Pit, A big slide, Jungle gym and much more.  

While we were playing, the parents said over the intercom “Come and eat” and we all gathered together. There was pizza, strawberries with chocolate, chips, drinks and more.

After everyone finished eating, most of the kids started playing again. The parents of the kids were just watching the kids and the kids were playing. My brother was sweating up a storm, so he had to have a shower.

“Time for cake” said Tumaia’s mum. Everyone gathered to sing Happy Birthday and to blow out the cake. Everyone sang and Tumaia and some kids blew out the candles. “ Happy Birthday Tumaia” everyone shouted.

Sadly the day came an end. Everyone was tired and just wanted to go home. Before we left, we said goodbye to everyone. On our way out the parents were giving out goodie bags. In them were lots of good treats.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

10 things about ME!

1. I love to play all sorts of sports like Netball, basketball and handball!

2. I love to spend quality time with my family!

3. I like to listen to all types of music. Like hip hop and classical!

4. I love to eat different types of food!

5. I love to play with my friends at school and out of school!

6. I love the colour purple!

7. I can't live without technology!

8. I don't dress like a girly girl!

9. At school I use technology for my learning!


My Art Project!!!

This is a movie that I made inspired by Warren Pohatu. I used cold colours for my animal and hot colours for my background. I hope you Enjoy! Please leave a comment if you did!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Te Tuhi Trip

Today, our class was going to the Te Tuhi Gallery in Pakuranga. We were going to the gallery because the topic is ‘Art Attack’ for the term and, we went there for some inspiration.

We were leaving school at 9.45 and we would arrive back at school around the time 11.45. When we arrived at the gallery this guy named ‘ Jeremy’ was our instructor for that time. He was going to be taking us through everything that we do throughout the morning.

First, Jeremy told us what we were going to do. We were going to be making Tapa in the art room and then visit different galleries. Off we went to make tapa.

We had to grab an apron and sit down at a table with a piece of paper in front of us. Our first task was to grapple up our paper and then Jeremy told us the next instruction. Next, we had to colour in the 4 squares on our paper with pastel. We used a red pastel to colour in the squares.

Now it was time for dye. We had to use dye to cover all of our paper. The dye makes the tapa look old and unique. When we finished using the dye we had to put the tapa on the stairs to dry, then get other tapas that were already dry. Next, we had to draw symbols in the 4 squares on our paper.

Once we drawn our symbols, we had to use a red pastel to colour in the background of our squares. Jeremy said that we had to colour the squares by colouring the corners. Not side by side or up and down. Then, we had to use brown paint for the other corners. Once we finished painting and colouring in our tapa was finished. Some of our tapa designs look nice but some didn’t.

My Weekend!!

To finish off a great week at school, our school had a wacky hair day and a Mufti Day. Our whole school dressed up in mufti clothes and either wearing a wig or doing fancy styles on there hair.

On Saturday, my family and I were going to Pt Chev for my mums work function. When we arrived at Pt Chev, we were waiting for everyone to show up,  but the function was over.

So, we ended up going to the hospital to visit my cousin, Caleb. My cousin is one sick baby, so we went to go visit him. When we entered the hospital my aunt and uncle were waiting for us in Room 18. We stayed for about 1 hour and then we left.

When we left the hospital, my family and I went to Pakuranga Night Markets. The markets started at 6.00pm so we just waited till then. When the clock struck 5.45pm my family and I started walking to the market.

At the market was a lot of different types of food. There was Asian food, Samoan food, chinese food and many many more. There was also different types of deserts as well. There were waffles, ice cream, pancakes and much more.  

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 8.20. I was sleepy, I just went from my bed to the couch. I was fast asleep on the couch and I was so glad I had a decent amount of sleep. While I was asleep, my brother and dad went to the markets at the AMI netball carpark.

When I woke up I had kebabs and donuts waiting for me. I was just lying on the couch while eating kebabs and donuts. When I finished eating, I just relaxed and watched tv. I wanted to play outside but my friends weren’t outside so, I didn’t go.

Overall, I had a fun weekend with my family. It was good that I got to spend quality time with my family. Normally, we just stay home but we went out somewhere last weekend.