Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Best Buddy - Nikita

At School, I have a best friend named Nikita. Nikita and I always hang out together. We either play handball with our friends or just talk and play hand games. Nikita and I first became friends this year.

Nikita is my best friend in class. I also have other friends as well. They are my best friends but Nikita is the closest to me. My other friends are Jordan, Iisa, Helen and Leila.

When we first started school I never knew Nikita, but now Nikita and I are best friends. We normally just sat in front of each other and weren’t talking to each other but now, we do.

I think Nikita is one of my best friends in my class. We always talk to each other and never be mad at each other. We maybe do, but only sometimes.  

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