Monday, 8 December 2014

Happy Birthday Tumaia!

Today, at 5.00pm is my cousins birthday. My cousin is turning 1 years old and he is celebrating his birthday at Lollypop land or Chipmunks. Knowing that I am 11 years of age, I am not going to play on playland, I am just going to be supervising my brother.

We haven’t gone yet but I will tell you the experience later.

When I arrived at Lollypop land, there were children playing everywhere. There was also my aunty and uncle there as well. The parents of the birthday boy. Incase you didn’t know, it was my cousin Tumaia’s Birthday.

After a little while at the playland, the parents had set up that tables and food and the kids were just playing. At the playland was a Ball Pit, A big slide, Jungle gym and much more.  

While we were playing, the parents said over the intercom “Come and eat” and we all gathered together. There was pizza, strawberries with chocolate, chips, drinks and more.

After everyone finished eating, most of the kids started playing again. The parents of the kids were just watching the kids and the kids were playing. My brother was sweating up a storm, so he had to have a shower.

“Time for cake” said Tumaia’s mum. Everyone gathered to sing Happy Birthday and to blow out the cake. Everyone sang and Tumaia and some kids blew out the candles. “ Happy Birthday Tumaia” everyone shouted.

Sadly the day came an end. Everyone was tired and just wanted to go home. Before we left, we said goodbye to everyone. On our way out the parents were giving out goodie bags. In them were lots of good treats.

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