Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Te Tuhi Trip

Today, our class was going to the Te Tuhi Gallery in Pakuranga. We were going to the gallery because the topic is ‘Art Attack’ for the term and, we went there for some inspiration.

We were leaving school at 9.45 and we would arrive back at school around the time 11.45. When we arrived at the gallery this guy named ‘ Jeremy’ was our instructor for that time. He was going to be taking us through everything that we do throughout the morning.

First, Jeremy told us what we were going to do. We were going to be making Tapa in the art room and then visit different galleries. Off we went to make tapa.

We had to grab an apron and sit down at a table with a piece of paper in front of us. Our first task was to grapple up our paper and then Jeremy told us the next instruction. Next, we had to colour in the 4 squares on our paper with pastel. We used a red pastel to colour in the squares.

Now it was time for dye. We had to use dye to cover all of our paper. The dye makes the tapa look old and unique. When we finished using the dye we had to put the tapa on the stairs to dry, then get other tapas that were already dry. Next, we had to draw symbols in the 4 squares on our paper.

Once we drawn our symbols, we had to use a red pastel to colour in the background of our squares. Jeremy said that we had to colour the squares by colouring the corners. Not side by side or up and down. Then, we had to use brown paint for the other corners. Once we finished painting and colouring in our tapa was finished. Some of our tapa designs look nice but some didn’t.

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