Monday, 8 December 2014

My Weekend!

To end off a great week at school, our class got to play sports outside again. We played ball tiggy. First, the boys were getting the girls. Then, we swapped.

Later that day, I went to a birthday party at Lollypop land. If you want to find out what happened. Read the post before this one.

On Saturday, I was going to my aunt's house for 2 days. On Saturday, we were going to a Christmas party at my aunt’s friends house with my aunt and cousin. First we went to Kmart to get gifts for secret santa. Then we went to dunkin Donuts.

When that was done, we went home to eat the donuts and wrap the presents. The gifts were for 2 big kids and 1 little kid. Once everything was done, we went to countdown to get food for the party. My aunty was making cheese cob and she also bought a cooked chicken.

After countdown, it was time to go to the party. When we arrived there were a flot of kids and adults. While we were there, the adults were preparing lunch and the kids were just playing.

Outside was a big deck. Everyone was sitting there while they were eating. The owners of the house also made punch for everyone to drink. But they had a bucket filled with ice and drinks.

Next, it was time for secret santa. My aunt’s friends boyfriend dressed up as santa and pretending to be him. Everyone knew it wasn’t the real santa, but…. When santa called out my name and my cousin and brother, we knew that we were getting a present.

When I opened my present I received a variety of presents. I got a toy that spills around, a flexible face, jelly and a colourful snowman. I liked my presents. Sadly, santa had to leave and the kids just carried on playing and having fun.

Sadly, we had to go around about the time 7.00pm because we had to go to my aunt’s job. She was going there because she had to project to do with her team.

Once we arrived at her job, it was about 8.00pm. While my aunt was working, my cousin and I were either playing pool, table tennis or foosball. We had a lot of fun. When My aunt finished working it was 12.30 in the morning. Everyone was getting tired and just wanted to sleep.

When we arrived at home it was 5 to 1 in the morning. We all just wanted to sleep. We didn’t end up  going to sleep till 2am. We all just wanted to have a sleep in the next morning.

On Sunday, I woke up at 11.30 and so did my cousin. My brother and aunt woke up earlier than that. My aunt said that we were going to relax. We did and we were all still in our pjs till we had to go home.  

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