Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Writing Test Practice Part 2

Hi my name is Tom, and I am 9”, “ and my name is Loz, and I am 10”, We are brother and sister and we fight a lot. Our Parents are going to Australia Gold Coast for my Aunt and Uncle’s Wedding and we are going too but not going to the wedding. We are staying with my other Aunt and Uncle, Judy and Paul. While we are staying with them they are taking us two, to DREAMWORLD…… We were so glad when we found out that we were going there.

We might be going on the 24th of october or the 26th, we don’t know, but days were passing and we couldn’t wait. We woke up on the 24th at 6 am and we got dressed and we went to wake up Judy and Paul. “ Are we going now?” asked Loz and Tom, “ Yes” replied Aunt and Uncle, “ YAY.” Yelled Loz and Tom. Judy and Paul got dressed and they hopped in the car and drove off. On the way there we were seeing signs of  Dance Crew's and popular people from all around the world.

When we arrived at Dreamworld it was stinky hot, but we still bought our tickets and went inside, “ We wanna go on the  roller coaster”, Loz and Tom yelled. “Sure” Judy and Paul replied. Me and Tom raced to the roller coaster, while Judy and paul were buying us a drinks and something to eat. We got to the roller coaster and it said “ The Terror ride”, we loved it. Tom and I queued up waiting and lucky for us it wasn’t a long line.

We hopped in the roller coaster and it was fun. We started off slow and then fast, but thing it stopped. The controls for the roller coaster was messed up. So me and Tom were stuck here and about 40 feet from the ground. So I was talking to Tom about girl shopping and Makeup because I had nothing else better to do. 1 hour later, “ Yapping along, STOP” yelled Tom, but then the ride was moving again.

“YAY” yelled Loz and Tom. In The End The roller coaster was moving again and we got to have something to eat and drink afterwards. And Tom didn’t want to hear about Makeup and Girl shopping again.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Retelling Docking Day.

When Woke up had breakfast got ready and off the family went to docking day.
The grown up did all of it while the little ones just played and then had a feast.
There was noises and it got closer and louder that they couldn't even hear each other.Then a chocolate van stopped and took Photos. But the the chocolate van fell down and the
chocolate was falling out. And it was the maddest docking day ever. The kids were going to eat the chocolate but there parents said "No". 

Famous Singers.

Ariana Grande - was born in Boca Florida and she is 20 years old. She has a bother named Franky Grande and her boyfriend is Nathan Sykes. Her show is in Victorious and then Sam and Cat. Her dads name is Edward and her mums name is Goan. She likes Floral Dresses and she was on board way. She sang the national anthem at 8 years old. One time she got in trouble she was painting her clothes and then painted the floor.

Victoria Dawn Justice -  She was born February 19, 1993 and she is a American Actress, dancer, singer, songwriter and voice artist. She debuted as an actress at the age of 10 and has appeared in several films and television series including the nickelodeon series. She is also in this movie called fun size.

One Direction -  is a English Irish pop boy band based in London, consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They signed with Simon Cowell's record label named Syco Records after being formed and finishing third in the seventh series of the british televised singing competition The X Factor 2010. 

Taylor Swift - was born December 13, 1989) she is an American singer-songwriter. Raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of fourteen to pursue in country music. She signed with the independent label Big Machine Records and became the youngest songwriter ever hired by the Sony/TV Music publishing house.




Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Writing Test Practice . . . .

This is my Rubric of me and my friends marks.

Hi my name is Juanita i’m 12 and it’s my birthday and my family is going on Vacation to a family Lake House in Dunedin to Celebrate. I am going with my Two brothers, James, who is 10 and Edward, who is only 10 months old and my Parents, Paul and Jessica. “ Is it going to be really fun?” James asked happily, “ Of course it is” said Juanita as she was shaking her head as she was right.  

“We have to feed the cows, pigs and sheep”, exclaimed Edward. “ Yes, I nearly forgot” Jessica said. “Ok, have you packed your bags and put them in the car” Mum said in a worried voice. “Yes, yelled all the kids. We drove off and we were singing wheels on the bus goes round and round on the way. James took the lead but he was so so off key, so I took the lead and I sounded great like I was a angel.

But what the the Brooke Family didn’t know while they were away was the farm animals escaped from the farm and they were running all over the place. They were tipping over buckets of water and making everything fall on the ground and the brooke's family had no idea.

The Brooke's family were driving all the way to Dunedin and when they got there everyone was standing there waiting for them and they didn’t know they had a party planned. James was recording the whole thing and Paul and Jessica’s face were red and covered with happy tears. “ What is this?” mum and dad yelled because everyone was talking.  

A Couple of days later the Brooke's Family got a phone call from Animal Control and they yelled “ Your farm Animals are going crazy”, “What do you mean?” asked mum, “They are going crazy making lots of noise and tipping over buckets of water, you have to come home now”, “Ok, we are on our way" yelled dad.

When the Brooke's Family arrived home and it was so messy. So what the Brooke family decided on was not to feed the Animals for two days because they were being naughty. So the family lived happily ever after well not happily.  


Monday, 21 October 2013

Free Blog Writing - Family Drive.

On Saturday I went for a family drive with my mum, dad , brother and of course myself. First we went to go get something to eat for lunch before we went to go and buy our suppers, ( Food for foundation or fundraiser). My cousin is in Waka ama and he was fundraising for there trip. We were having Toby's Seafood, Fish and Chips.

When we were done buying our suppers we went to Muriwai Beach where my Uncle Loncey lived and he was far far away from where I lived. It was like a 1 hour drive and me and my brother feel asleep on the way there. He lived right next to Parakai Hot Springs.

When we arrived at my uncles house we couldn't find the driveway but then my uncle came out and he pointed his finger to tell us where to go. We were in the driveway and there were two cars their. It was my two uncles cars. We walked around the corner and there was the door.

We got inside and I saw my Aunt Pauline and she was with her daughter. Then I said hello to my Uncles and they were talking outside. They also had a Pool Table and me and my cousin were playing Pool. First when I started playing I wasn't very good but then I played a bit more and I got used to it.

After a little while we ate our suppers. There was two sausages, chicken thigh, chicken drumstick, chopsuey, crab salad and mayonnaise. It was very yummy. Then we had some chocolate and chips while we were playing pool. I played two rounds with my cousin. It was 2 all and I had the last final ball. I aimed and I got it in.

While me and my cousin were playing pool my dad and his friends were having a catch up with each other. They were talking to each other and they were having a drink up. A Couple hours later the rugby game came on. The All Blacks and Australia were playing each other. When it just started we were getting ready to leave. I give everyone hugs good-bye.

It was really fun at my Uncles house I didn't want to leave. I loved playing pool and getting to see my uncles, cousins and aunts again. Next time we go to there house we might stay over.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Matching Farming Newspaper Articles.

Good Muster.
Today we had the chance to match pictures with the title of it. What I got to do it choose a title and a picture and write about it and I choose Good Muster. It means farmers bring their sheep into very big groups and they could feed them, keep them safe, learn to share or maybe even to keep them warm. Musing means putting animals together and spreading them everywhere. Musing is also a meaning a formal gathering of troops.  

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Immersion Assembly.

On the First day of school we got to know what our topic was for this term and it is What In The World
Is Going On. That is the theme for the whole school but for our team 4, it is all about farming. We learn all about the animals, how they breed, how to take care of them and what they eat. 

For the first act it was Team 1 and there theme was all about fox's and in the background for the song they had "What did the fox say" and it was funny. Room's 23, 24, 1, 2 and 3 teachers were wearing fox faces and were dancing there movie. Next it was Team 2's turn to do there act and they did all the celebrations like Christmas, Chinese New Year and The Moon Celebration. They also played a video and they talked as well. 

Few minutes after it was Team 3's time to shine and they did a little Pancake day celebration. They had Miss Walters and Noah having a Competition to see how much pancakes they can eat. It was so funny. While that was going on two of my friends were handing out some pancakes to everyone in the crowd and everyone enjoyed that.  

Next was my Team 4 to do there act and they played a movie that you can check up the top. It is about farming and they mixed LMFAO's song sexy and I know it to I am a Farmer and I grow it. It was funny two. Next was the last Team 5. They played videos of the teachers child hood and it was so cute. 

Minecraft House....

As you can see this is my Minecraft house. It took me about 2 weeks to build and it was really hard.
When I First found out about minecraft I got it from my cousin Kauri. He plays it on his xbox and on his ipod, and I play with him two. At school we use minecraft for learning and to just have fun.

Sorry there is No Picture. I did take some but it isn't working.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Retelling A Foal Is Born.

I am retelling this story called A Foal is born. 

Ryan’s mum’s horse Del, was going to have a baby foal. For a couple of mouths ryan had been watching Del get bigger and bigger. Ryan’s mum  said “ The baby should be coming any minute now”. While ryan was sleeping the next morning ryan’s mum was down in the paddock and was with Del. And ryan’s mum had a big smile on her face because lying next to Del was a baby foal close to her.

“It’s a filly,” said dad. “ Can I go stroke her, “ asked ryan. “ It’s too soon yet,” said dad. Dad said that because Del needed to get used to her baby but ryan was allowed to look through the binoculars. To keep the foal warm it was covered with a white bag. She was shaking her head as she was trying to get it off her. The white bag was what protected her while she was in her mother.

Ryan looked from a distance watching the baby foal trying to get on it’s long, wobbly legs. It was time for ryan to go to school but dad said “ You can see her when you get back from school and touch her and talk to her,”. While ryan was at school, his mum fed Del and gave her some water to drink, and soon the baby foal was on her feet. The baby foal had something to drink and then she flopped down on the ground for a rest.

After ryan got back from school it was his turn to talk to Del and touch the baby foal. Ryan rubbed her hands all over her. Ryan’s mum put her hands into the baby foal’s ears and mouth. Ryan’s mum tapped the bottom and front of the foals feet so it would know that she was putting shoes on her feet for the first time. Ryan’s mum also put a long rope on her like a lead so she can get used to it.

“ Whats her name?” ryan asked “Dosti,” said his mum. “ Hello, Dosti,” said ryan, stroking the  foals soft coat. Then it was time to measure Dosti’s height. While ryan held the measuring stick Dosti decided she didn’t like it and she wouldn’t stand still. To solve the problem ryan’s mum had to hold her while ryan moved the stick next to her, but she didn’t like that either.

The Next morning mum called the vet and she came to check out Dosti and Del. The vet put a stethoscope up to Dosti heart to listen to her heart beat. After that she took a sample of Dosti’s blood to see if she was getting enough antibodies from Dels Milk. Then the vet said they were very healthy. “ She will grow tall just like her mother”.  

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Smurfs 2.

On The Holidays I had the chance to watch The Smurfs 2 with my brother and my dad. We went to the movies because I had coupons to the movies. It was $7 dollars for a child and only $10 dollars for an adult, so my dad thought it was a good deal.

When we got to the movies it was full with a Holiday program class, so when we lined up it took a long time. When we got our tickets we also got so popcorn and a drink to go with it. I got a Smurfs cup that looked like an Eiffel Tower and it was filled with fanta. And we got some ice - cream as well.

When we entered the cinema it was packed with children. We sat in the seats C 1 2 3 that was all the way at the back. When the movie started everyone was clapping, laughing and sitting back and relaxing.

My Favourite part of the movie is when Papa smurf and 3 others help Smurfette. She was trapped with this evil magician witch named gramel. He had two children that were evil to and he used them to get the other smurfs - the blue smurfs. Ok now that is heaps of information I don’t want to ruin it for you.