Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Writing Test Practice Part 2

Hi my name is Tom, and I am 9”, “ and my name is Loz, and I am 10”, We are brother and sister and we fight a lot. Our Parents are going to Australia Gold Coast for my Aunt and Uncle’s Wedding and we are going too but not going to the wedding. We are staying with my other Aunt and Uncle, Judy and Paul. While we are staying with them they are taking us two, to DREAMWORLD…… We were so glad when we found out that we were going there.

We might be going on the 24th of october or the 26th, we don’t know, but days were passing and we couldn’t wait. We woke up on the 24th at 6 am and we got dressed and we went to wake up Judy and Paul. “ Are we going now?” asked Loz and Tom, “ Yes” replied Aunt and Uncle, “ YAY.” Yelled Loz and Tom. Judy and Paul got dressed and they hopped in the car and drove off. On the way there we were seeing signs of  Dance Crew's and popular people from all around the world.

When we arrived at Dreamworld it was stinky hot, but we still bought our tickets and went inside, “ We wanna go on the  roller coaster”, Loz and Tom yelled. “Sure” Judy and Paul replied. Me and Tom raced to the roller coaster, while Judy and paul were buying us a drinks and something to eat. We got to the roller coaster and it said “ The Terror ride”, we loved it. Tom and I queued up waiting and lucky for us it wasn’t a long line.

We hopped in the roller coaster and it was fun. We started off slow and then fast, but thing it stopped. The controls for the roller coaster was messed up. So me and Tom were stuck here and about 40 feet from the ground. So I was talking to Tom about girl shopping and Makeup because I had nothing else better to do. 1 hour later, “ Yapping along, STOP” yelled Tom, but then the ride was moving again.

“YAY” yelled Loz and Tom. In The End The roller coaster was moving again and we got to have something to eat and drink afterwards. And Tom didn’t want to hear about Makeup and Girl shopping again.


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