Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Immersion Assembly.

On the First day of school we got to know what our topic was for this term and it is What In The World
Is Going On. That is the theme for the whole school but for our team 4, it is all about farming. We learn all about the animals, how they breed, how to take care of them and what they eat. 

For the first act it was Team 1 and there theme was all about fox's and in the background for the song they had "What did the fox say" and it was funny. Room's 23, 24, 1, 2 and 3 teachers were wearing fox faces and were dancing there movie. Next it was Team 2's turn to do there act and they did all the celebrations like Christmas, Chinese New Year and The Moon Celebration. They also played a video and they talked as well. 

Few minutes after it was Team 3's time to shine and they did a little Pancake day celebration. They had Miss Walters and Noah having a Competition to see how much pancakes they can eat. It was so funny. While that was going on two of my friends were handing out some pancakes to everyone in the crowd and everyone enjoyed that.  

Next was my Team 4 to do there act and they played a movie that you can check up the top. It is about farming and they mixed LMFAO's song sexy and I know it to I am a Farmer and I grow it. It was funny two. Next was the last Team 5. They played videos of the teachers child hood and it was so cute. 

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Ramonadel said...

Hi rave it was really funny is this your favourite one? And I like how the made it to a farm version really nice.

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