Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Writing Test Practice . . . .

This is my Rubric of me and my friends marks.

Hi my name is Juanita i’m 12 and it’s my birthday and my family is going on Vacation to a family Lake House in Dunedin to Celebrate. I am going with my Two brothers, James, who is 10 and Edward, who is only 10 months old and my Parents, Paul and Jessica. “ Is it going to be really fun?” James asked happily, “ Of course it is” said Juanita as she was shaking her head as she was right.  

“We have to feed the cows, pigs and sheep”, exclaimed Edward. “ Yes, I nearly forgot” Jessica said. “Ok, have you packed your bags and put them in the car” Mum said in a worried voice. “Yes, yelled all the kids. We drove off and we were singing wheels on the bus goes round and round on the way. James took the lead but he was so so off key, so I took the lead and I sounded great like I was a angel.

But what the the Brooke Family didn’t know while they were away was the farm animals escaped from the farm and they were running all over the place. They were tipping over buckets of water and making everything fall on the ground and the brooke's family had no idea.

The Brooke's family were driving all the way to Dunedin and when they got there everyone was standing there waiting for them and they didn’t know they had a party planned. James was recording the whole thing and Paul and Jessica’s face were red and covered with happy tears. “ What is this?” mum and dad yelled because everyone was talking.  

A Couple of days later the Brooke's Family got a phone call from Animal Control and they yelled “ Your farm Animals are going crazy”, “What do you mean?” asked mum, “They are going crazy making lots of noise and tipping over buckets of water, you have to come home now”, “Ok, we are on our way" yelled dad.

When the Brooke's Family arrived home and it was so messy. So what the Brooke family decided on was not to feed the Animals for two days because they were being naughty. So the family lived happily ever after well not happily.  


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