Monday, 21 October 2013

Free Blog Writing - Family Drive.

On Saturday I went for a family drive with my mum, dad , brother and of course myself. First we went to go get something to eat for lunch before we went to go and buy our suppers, ( Food for foundation or fundraiser). My cousin is in Waka ama and he was fundraising for there trip. We were having Toby's Seafood, Fish and Chips.

When we were done buying our suppers we went to Muriwai Beach where my Uncle Loncey lived and he was far far away from where I lived. It was like a 1 hour drive and me and my brother feel asleep on the way there. He lived right next to Parakai Hot Springs.

When we arrived at my uncles house we couldn't find the driveway but then my uncle came out and he pointed his finger to tell us where to go. We were in the driveway and there were two cars their. It was my two uncles cars. We walked around the corner and there was the door.

We got inside and I saw my Aunt Pauline and she was with her daughter. Then I said hello to my Uncles and they were talking outside. They also had a Pool Table and me and my cousin were playing Pool. First when I started playing I wasn't very good but then I played a bit more and I got used to it.

After a little while we ate our suppers. There was two sausages, chicken thigh, chicken drumstick, chopsuey, crab salad and mayonnaise. It was very yummy. Then we had some chocolate and chips while we were playing pool. I played two rounds with my cousin. It was 2 all and I had the last final ball. I aimed and I got it in.

While me and my cousin were playing pool my dad and his friends were having a catch up with each other. They were talking to each other and they were having a drink up. A Couple hours later the rugby game came on. The All Blacks and Australia were playing each other. When it just started we were getting ready to leave. I give everyone hugs good-bye.

It was really fun at my Uncles house I didn't want to leave. I loved playing pool and getting to see my uncles, cousins and aunts again. Next time we go to there house we might stay over.

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