Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Retelling A Foal Is Born.

I am retelling this story called A Foal is born. 

Ryan’s mum’s horse Del, was going to have a baby foal. For a couple of mouths ryan had been watching Del get bigger and bigger. Ryan’s mum  said “ The baby should be coming any minute now”. While ryan was sleeping the next morning ryan’s mum was down in the paddock and was with Del. And ryan’s mum had a big smile on her face because lying next to Del was a baby foal close to her.

“It’s a filly,” said dad. “ Can I go stroke her, “ asked ryan. “ It’s too soon yet,” said dad. Dad said that because Del needed to get used to her baby but ryan was allowed to look through the binoculars. To keep the foal warm it was covered with a white bag. She was shaking her head as she was trying to get it off her. The white bag was what protected her while she was in her mother.

Ryan looked from a distance watching the baby foal trying to get on it’s long, wobbly legs. It was time for ryan to go to school but dad said “ You can see her when you get back from school and touch her and talk to her,”. While ryan was at school, his mum fed Del and gave her some water to drink, and soon the baby foal was on her feet. The baby foal had something to drink and then she flopped down on the ground for a rest.

After ryan got back from school it was his turn to talk to Del and touch the baby foal. Ryan rubbed her hands all over her. Ryan’s mum put her hands into the baby foal’s ears and mouth. Ryan’s mum tapped the bottom and front of the foals feet so it would know that she was putting shoes on her feet for the first time. Ryan’s mum also put a long rope on her like a lead so she can get used to it.

“ Whats her name?” ryan asked “Dosti,” said his mum. “ Hello, Dosti,” said ryan, stroking the  foals soft coat. Then it was time to measure Dosti’s height. While ryan held the measuring stick Dosti decided she didn’t like it and she wouldn’t stand still. To solve the problem ryan’s mum had to hold her while ryan moved the stick next to her, but she didn’t like that either.

The Next morning mum called the vet and she came to check out Dosti and Del. The vet put a stethoscope up to Dosti heart to listen to her heart beat. After that she took a sample of Dosti’s blood to see if she was getting enough antibodies from Dels Milk. Then the vet said they were very healthy. “ She will grow tall just like her mother”.  

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