Friday, 30 March 2012

Oktapodi Short film Review

My Short film Review

Did you know the short film Oktapodi was filmed in the greek village? In class this morning we watched a short film Oktapodi. It was the funniest and most enjoyable shortest film I have ever seen.

The male octopus was upset because the restaurant worker took the female octopus away from the male octopus then the dangerous battle began. So the male octopus was on a mission to get his romantic love back.

The main message in the story is that the octopuses will find love and you always find love in the end.

My favourite part in the story was when the octopuses were jumping in and out of the pools in the greek village. It was my favourite part because the female and male octopus were funny and they looked cute together.

I would recommend this film to my family, friends, other schools and students because I think that they might love it and think it is laughable,cute and funny.

Here is a Link  Otapodi                          

Friday, 23 March 2012

Camp WOW!

From Wednesday To Friday Year Five and Six were excited because we had camp. Some people were feeling nervous and scared because they did not have camp last year. Those people that did have camp they already knew what to do.

The fun activities we did were amazing but there was one activity that we did and it was called get lost. It wasn't like the mean word 'get lost' it was a game. The game was like the amazing race. We had to find clues and use them to get to the winning place which was the the tuisitala room and check it with our teacher. Some where you had to build a box and get into costomes.

When I arrived back to my tent I could hear some strange noises across my tent.The noises sounded like munching and giggling, It sounded like people were munching on chips, lollies, chocolate and also drinking a drink.

I was so excited to sleep in the tent away from my family for the first time. I was ok because I had  Sarah and Nikki in my tent, they were kind and helpful to me.

After that night we woke up so early some people were still sleeping and did not want to wake up and do some Jump Jam.

I hope my next camp my camp group and i can do more fun activities. Kayaking i really enjoyed the most because i love getting wet and doing it with my friends. I loved sleeping in my tent with my buddies because we were laughing and we could hear strange giggling noises.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Year 5&6 camp

From Wednesday to Friday year 5&6 had camp. We had to pack our bags and sign a form and return it to our teacher. When we started some people already knew what to do.Those people that did not have camp last year they were feeling nervous and scared. The first thing we did is Camp Cooking .After that we played table tennis and rode some roller blades.The next day we walked down to Pt England School beach and did some kayaking with our principal. Then We played a game called Get Lost it was like the amazing race game.

Monday, 12 March 2012

My Birthday party

My birthday party

This weekend it was my birthday. On Friday I took cupcakes and kebabs to school. I was glad that everyone was happy and that everyone was enjoying them.. That night I went to Skateland with my friends.

On Saturday morning I spent time with my dad, my mum, little baby brother, cousin, my aunty's and uncle. My Mum and Dad got me lots of presents that morning.
First we went to McDonald's for breakfast. Then we went to tenpin bowling and mini golf we were all having fun and laughing.

Later that night we went to Denny's and my aunty's and uncle got me some presents at Denny's because they did not come to tenpin bowling and mini golf.

That was a exciting birthday party. I hope my next birthday I ` can spend time with my whole family and do something laughable and fun.

My Birthday Treats

MY birthday treats.

On a Friday Morning after assembly , Room fourteen were in for a scrumptious surprise.

My parents made some chocolate cupcakes with icing, filled with chocolate chips, vanilla and coconut. They also made some fruit kebab's with marshmallows apples and bananas on a stick. “Mmmmm” I said.

When I called out people to get their cupcake and fruit kebab, I had to call two boys
and two girls at time. When the boys and girls all got there cupcake and kebab, they could eat them. They were so delicious people wanted another cupcake and kebab!
There were leftovers, I gave the leftovers out on morning tea.

Room fourteen were feeling so excited and so happy because they were loving their cupcakes and the kebabs. I hope my next Birthday I can bring some more treats to school next year!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience 2012

Blindfold Experience.

Did you know Room 14 did a blindfold Experience? We were all laughing and excited to do it.

It was really hard to know where we were going because we had to go around ropes, jump on tackle bags, Jump in hula hoops , zig zag around cones. We were also jumping on a high jump mat,crawling under a tarpaulin and we had to walk slow and balance ourselves on the beam.

We all had a partner to help us go around stuff so we didn't fall down . Some people were feeling scared, excited and nervous . When some people jumped onto the high jump mat so people missed it and got injured. When we were doing our blindfold experience we were co-operating and trusting our partners.

I hope we can do another blindfold experience because that one we played on Monday was really enjoying,laughable,interesting, exciting and funny.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Great Things Take Time

Great things take time. I want to get better at netball. If I want to play I will have to practice my shooting and passing. The most important thing that I will have to do is learn how to play the game properly.

J.K Rowling wrote loads of harry potters books. It took her more then five years to finish her first book. She has sold 450 million copies of fantastic books. J.K. would have taken time to plan, check and edit her work. I bet, she would of been very very tired!

Too make your work perfect you will have to edit it, check your spelling, check full stops, capital letters and make sure it makes sense. It is important to check your work before you put it on your blog because people will be interested to see what you are doing and will leave you kind and nice comments.

The main message is that great things take time. You should plan and edit your work, and take your time just like J.K Rowling does.