Friday, 2 March 2012

Great Things Take Time

Great things take time. I want to get better at netball. If I want to play I will have to practice my shooting and passing. The most important thing that I will have to do is learn how to play the game properly.

J.K Rowling wrote loads of harry potters books. It took her more then five years to finish her first book. She has sold 450 million copies of fantastic books. J.K. would have taken time to plan, check and edit her work. I bet, she would of been very very tired!

Too make your work perfect you will have to edit it, check your spelling, check full stops, capital letters and make sure it makes sense. It is important to check your work before you put it on your blog because people will be interested to see what you are doing and will leave you kind and nice comments.

The main message is that great things take time. You should plan and edit your work, and take your time just like J.K Rowling does.

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