Friday, 30 March 2012

Oktapodi Short film Review

My Short film Review

Did you know the short film Oktapodi was filmed in the greek village? In class this morning we watched a short film Oktapodi. It was the funniest and most enjoyable shortest film I have ever seen.

The male octopus was upset because the restaurant worker took the female octopus away from the male octopus then the dangerous battle began. So the male octopus was on a mission to get his romantic love back.

The main message in the story is that the octopuses will find love and you always find love in the end.

My favourite part in the story was when the octopuses were jumping in and out of the pools in the greek village. It was my favourite part because the female and male octopus were funny and they looked cute together.

I would recommend this film to my family, friends, other schools and students because I think that they might love it and think it is laughable,cute and funny.

Here is a Link  Otapodi                          

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