Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Hello everybody and my name is Jake. I am 20 years of age and I am a scientist. I love to investigate new things and tell people about what I do. Tomorrow I will be going to Antarctica to investigate what animals live there and what they do. In Antarctica I will be taking core samples of the ice, Wish me luck.

Now I am in Antarctica and it is freezing. I am wearing so much layers on me and I still feel cold.  I am wearing nice warm boots though, so they keep me warm. I will have to get my tools out and try get into the ice. The ice was really hard to get through, but I got through in sometime.   

While I was digging into the ice I saw someone walking towards me. I thought it was a Penguin, Leopard seal or even a polar bear, but guess what it was a KILLER WHALE!! Oh my god I was so in shock.I Thought the male or female was going to eat me, but that moment somebody was walking towards me and the whale. All that person did was come up to the killer whale and punch it. It was so hard the killer whale went back into the water.

“Thank you for saving me” I said in a shaking voice, “No problem” he replied. “What’s your name” I said, and he said “my name is Dan the EXPLORER. “ Why is EXPLORER at the end of your name” I shouted “ it is because am a explorer”. “WHAT why didn’t you tell me, why don’t me and you investigate antarctica together?”. “Sure lets go”.

And for normal there goes another happy ending. Thank you for reading my writing and please leave me some nice and respectful feedback. Bye. Please scroll down for more.

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