Monday, 10 June 2013

My Cousin's Birthday

As you all know it is June and in June is my Cousin's Birthday. His birthday is next weekend and he is turning 9 years old, And I think he is pretty excited. He wants to go to Mini Golf and Tenpin Bowling and then we will all have lunch at the Fortuna Restaurant.

Every birthday my cousin has had me and my family have been to them. One time he had his birthday at Big Ups. Big Ups is a place that has big stuff. They have a rolling ball that you can go in and they push you. So that is fun.

We are going to be having lunch at the sky city. And then I think that we are going to go to the birthday boys house later in the day and have a catch up and open his presents. Maybe after he opens his presents he might play xbox and play Minecraft or Skate3.

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