Monday, 26 August 2013

In the Weekend.

In the weekend I went I was going to collect all the money that people are paying me for my sponsorship. First we went to my Aunt's and Uncles house so they can pay me but they were going to pay me next week on Wednesday. Then we were going to collect the money from my other Aunty and Uncle and they were going to pay me $40 dollars, but they were going to Tauranga so my mum just paid for them. After that I asked my Uncle from my dad's side of the family and he  was paying my $30 dollars .

Later that day we went to my Aunty's house on my mum's side of the family and she was paying me $20 dollars. So she made me go on a Treasure Hunt to find it. She gave me a clue and it was, It is wood and you can put stuff in it. So I searched and I searched and then I found it. It was in my Aunty's jewellery box.

In a couple more minutes my dad said he was going to my Aunty's house, so I was going to with him and so was my brother. My Aunty just lived around the corner, so that was good. I went to my Aunty's house and my other Aunty was there two. So I said hello to her and gave her a kiss and a huge.

Then we stayed there a while and then we went back to my Aunty's house. Then we mad a carrot cake. She got the recipe from Facebook and she decided she wanted to make a cake. So I helped her and the
cake turned out really yummy.

While it was cooling down my Aunty decided we should have dinner while the cake is cooling. So my aunty cooked he some veges and tofu, and my mum cooked so chicken and mini pies for us to eat. My brother  really loved the mini pies and so did I and my mum did too.

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