Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Last Egg Standing.

Once Upon a time there lived a mother that laid six baby eggs. They lived in Glen Innes the year 2013. The wheat was yellow and the grass was green and the hay was soft enough to roll in. Five baby eggs hatched but there was one more left to hatch. The last egg was grey and the mother thought it was going to be a great egg anyway.

The mother went out to catch some food and when she came back to her nest she saw a little crack in her last egg left. The crack was getting bigger and bigger but thing when it cracker it had a long yellow peck, are big hairy back and has really long feathers.

The Ugly Duckling was treated really badly and and his mother spoke to him and said “Why don’t you go to those ducklings over there and see if they want to be your friend” Whispered the ducklings mother named Aran. “You would make friends if you go and find some, just saying.” Added Aran

So the duckling walked over and whispered to the other ducks and said “do you want to be friends?” but they didn’t hear him. then he spoke again “Do you want to be friends?” But he was too quiet. but then they said “ Hi, my name is Brooke, and my name is John, and my name is Eric, Do you want to friends?”, then the Duckling replied and said “Sure, I would love to be your friend”.

“Mum, I asked them and they couldn’t hear but then they told me their names and they wanted to be my friends” the Duckling said in a happy and proud voice.

So the Ugly Duckling made some friends and it turned out he wasn’t that ugly after all.

The End :-)

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