Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Free Blog Writing: My Cousin's Birthday.

August the 4th was my cousin's Birthday and it was on Sunday. So my Auntie wanted to change the date to the 10th of August because it was on Saturday. On Sunday the 4th of August she still got her presents on her real birthday date, and she liked them very very much.

For her birthday she was going to have it at Rock Climbing in Panmure. My other cousin's were coming along and were climbing too. I haven't seen my other cousin's for a long time so it was good to see them. When I got there I saw my auntie and my cousin in the party area.

When I arrived all I could see was big walls filled with colours and they were themed. And of course there were rock walls to for really good climbers. After a little while there were two lady's there to help us put on our hanses on,  so we could climb the walls.

There was this cool little Adventure land that little kids could play on because the walls were to big and tall for them. I walked up stairs to the party area and went to say hello to the birthday girl and say hello to my aunties and uncles.

Once I got my hanses on I was climbing every that was able to climb. I once climbed to the top of a Purple, Yellow and Blue wall, and I climbed straight to the top. It was really scary for me because I am afraid of high places and that I was really tried. But in the end I was happy that I did it.

When we finished at rock climbing, my family and I went to my house to have lunch and to have a talk to each other. We had a lot of food, so we could have midnight snack. On that night my Auntie and my uncles were have a drink up or to call it something else catch up.

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