Monday, 5 August 2013

Weekend Story.


On Saturday I went to The Flying Moa bar and Restaurant for one of my Aunties friends birthday. On that night me and my brother were waiting for my aunty to pick us up. Bye the time they got to my house i had a surprise waiting behind my Aunty. It was my cousin,Kauri. My brother and I were not sure he was coming but it was so good to see him, we gave him a big huge and a really good Smile. 

We drove to The Flying Moa and it was so so full of people. People were watching the league game with Warriors and Sharks and people were having a drink up with their friends. When we arrived my aunty saw he friend and he was sitting next to the Birthday boy and so we sat there too. 

We wanted to get some food to eat and also some drinks to drink, so my Aunty got a menu and we saw what we wanted to eat. For our drinks we all got milkshakes. My Aunty got and Strawberry milkshake and my cousin, brother and I got a chocolate milkshake. 

My Brother ordered Nuggets and Chips, my cousin got Fish and Chips, and I got a C.A.B burger which is Chicken and bacon burger. My Aunty ordered a Vege burger and garlic bread because she is a Vegetarian. When our milkshakes came they were in old in days milk glasses and they we so cool. 

Our food came and we were starting to get hungry. My burger was so yummy and so was the garlic bread. My cousin and my brother loved they food to. My Aunty loved he burger but she didn't eat all of it. So we told the waitress to but our left over food in containers to take it home to eat for later. 

And here is the yummy part we got to order dessert. So I went to go and get a Dessert menu and we had a look. They were $11.00 dollars each and my Aunty said "Should we just go home and have a
Churchie Ice-Cream instead and we all said yes. 

Then sadly it was time to leave but we all had a good time though. 

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